"I Got Nothing Against Being Gay…"

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I was standing in line at the Las Vegas post office. It was a long line stretching out the door and only one window was open. (And the fools in charge of the post office wonder why they’re going broke.) A tall, rural-looking man had just finished buying his stamps and he stepped away from the window. All of us in line took a step forward.
A moment later the man returned, standing off to the side of the line. He called back to the postal worker at the window with a rangy twang, “I hate to bother you, but could I get some different stamps instead of the ones you gave me?”
“Sure,” said the postal worker. Then he asked, “Which ones did I give you?”
The man answered, “Gay pride.”
I busted out laughing, followed by everyone else in line. The man explained himself. “I got nothing against being gay,” he said with that rangy voice. “I just don’t want it on my mail.”
The line chuckled and the postal worker said, “I understand.” He then exchanged the man’s stamps.
As for me, I bought a sheet of Batman stamps. I don’t want it on my mail either.

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0 responses to “"I Got Nothing Against Being Gay…"

  1. It’s disgusting when the government is forcing the electorate that they promised to work for when elected, to pay for and promote their politically correct agenda. Do you ever wonder how totalitarian governments gain power. You’re watching it happen America right under your nose while you’re too busy watching the latest sports scores to notice. Thank God I’m Canadian and live in a free country.

  2. Leeann Springer

    I take offense when certain groups of people try to celebrate debauchery by giving it a warped stamp of approval. I think the most disgusting stamps are Harvey Milk stamps. David Cameron: Canada is indeed beautiful, but it is a socialist country also. The post office system is in the toilet anyway and embracing a vile agenda will “end it” very soon. As far as I’m concerned, the post office can take their gay pride stamps and stick them! Leeann

  3. Mike, thanks for sharing this experience–it made my morning. I ask myself, why would the government be printing stamps that honor one segment of the population (yes, I know the reason) but doesn’t that seem to discriminate against other segments of the populations who don’t get a stamp to “honor” them. It can be said–beware of the stamps the USPS tries to palm off onto you. Just like when retailers try to give me change in one dollar “coins.” I refuse them–they are a nuisance.

  4. Auntie Lulu: I think we should have a stamp for “Straight Pride” ! Our government is being ran by sexual perverts and deviants and the post office is no exception. Gay president, tranny first she/male, pedophiles, and ever other ilk is running “ruining” our country. I think it’s time for a civil war, citizens against politicians. Round them out and head them out. Leeann

  5. Did the USPS use this pic from the 2013 Miami Beach Gay Pride Parade for its stamp? LOL

  6. Dennis H Bennett

    That one in the middle looks like Moochelle from the side! Yeah, yeah, ok. Please forgive me, Lord.

  7. wow…gay stamps…I’ll have to let my husband know next time he buys stamps to verify they are not gay pride stamps…Thanks Mike, for the head’s up.

  8. Leeanne Springer … “David Cameron: Canada is indeed beautiful, but it is a socialist country also”. We have socialized medicine which is hugely popular but that doesn’t make Canada a socialist country. You wish you would have a Conservative President like our Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper who George Will calls the best national leader in the world. By next year we expect to have a balanced federal budget while you still have to borrow 42% of the money just to run the country not to mention how to handle a national debt and unfunded liabilities of 100 trillion dollars. I don’t mean for this to be a Canadian/American pissing contest. I’ve always been a huge supporter of the U.S. and always rush to it’s defense every time I hear some ignorant Canadian windbag putting it down. Both of our countries are presently in precarious positions. If you can still survive Imam Obama you may have yet to survive Hilary who is right up there with Obama as the biggest electoral frauds in your history. Your recent mid terms give you reason for optimism. Our next PM may be Justin Trudeau the fruit of the loins of now fortunately rotting in his grave past PM Pierre Eliot Trudeau who became PM when our economy was healthy and a mess when he left. His heroes were the mass murderers Mao Tze Tung and Fidel Castro who became a close friend and was also one of his pall bearers. Canadians loved Pierre anyway because he looked so groovy with his cravat. Unfortunately Fidel didn’t trip and fall into Pierre’s grave while doing his good friend one last favour. You must be thrilled that Obama is now snuggling up to Pierre’s favourite mass murderer. Justin think he’s qualified to be PM because he has an impressive work record of being a part time drama teacher and a camp counselor. God save us both.

  9. securitytechmaster

    Ain’t them the stamps that lick themselves?

  10. Mike, thank you for sharing that defining moment. I like your style of prose. It reminds me of Hemingway.
    I have to buy more stamps soon, and will now be careful about what they try to hand me.

    • Thanks, Traildust!
      There are some cool Batman stamps out, and on the post office website you can get Reagan stamps and Christmas stamps.

  11. The one in the middle seems bent on showing off is ample ass-ets. if he’s trying to show the world how buff and pumped he is the stiletto heels destroy his attempt

  12. Reblogged this on Patriotic Gofer and commented:
    I like “Forever” stamps. But, if they suddenly add something homosexual to them, I’ll start buying single stamps of flowers, trees, bells, gofers … anything but queeahs.
    Too much getting rammed down our throats awreddy!! No more!!


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