I Don't Drink Anymore, I Don't Drink Any Less. :D

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0 responses to “I Don't Drink Anymore, I Don't Drink Any Less. :D

  1. Great ones!!! although mine would be with beer…

  2. ROFL!

  3. another I would add to your excellent list –
    Wine a little, you’ll feel better!

  4. There’s a saying here in France – I’ll start drinking milk when cows start eating grapes!

  5. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! love these!

  6. Hey Steve , you could have thrown a few crumbs to us beer drinkers in cyber-land . Tisk tisk !

  7. japoa, How’s this?

    • I’ve heard this one a time or two ; me and my buddy-wiser . This one’s for you : GULP, HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!…..B.T.W., I work nights . So this is my r+r time .

  8. Have fun…:D

    • Will do. Just heard this on Herman Cain’s radio talk show . The P.C.police are at it again . They want to take Easter out of Easter . Some school dists. have re-named ” Easter egg hunt ” , Spring egg hunt . What will be next ?

  9. At last: so many answers, for so many questions!

  10. Steve, you da bomb… (hope that is not a dated phrase)

  11. From wine to whine to wine!!!


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