I Can't See Leno or Letterman Doing This

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Did You Ever See the Egg Trick?


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0 responses to “I Can't See Leno or Letterman Doing This

  1. hahahaha GREAT FUN!!! No, I can’t see any of today’s stooges doing this. The old guys got a little racy sometimes, but all in clean fun!

  2. Thanks for the laughs, grannie! I sure needed it. 😀
    Gosh, I miss Johnny…..

    • lowtechgrannie

      Me too! My neighbor sent me this clip. It sure brought back memories. Although, Jack Paar was in a class by himself. I wish there were clips of Jack’s old shows on Youtube, especially with Robert Morley. Those were classic moments lost forever.

  3. Man, I miss JC….

  4. Letterman Who?

  5. Yes, I remember that clip !! …LOL ! Johnny Carson was the absolute best ! I still love to watch the clips of his old shows , and guests like Dean Martin, Jack Benny, John Wayne, George Goble, Bob Hope , and so many others which have also gone away. I miss them all. That was REAL entertainment ! Just the expressions on Johnny’s face would make me laugh aloud ! ………Those were the days !!!

  6. This is one of the MANY MILLION reasons Johnny Carson was and ALWAYS will be the KING of Late Night! Semper Fi.

  7. I learned a lot about humor from him…how it could be gentle
    and how you had to be willing to laugh at your own foibles.
    Our loss was heavens gain….’miss you Johnny.


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