I.B.E.W. – Idiot Bastards Employing Wimps

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Oh, really?

This is beyond infuriating.

Via waff.com:

Decatur Utilities crews home after issues with union

By WAFF.com Staff

SEASIDE HEIGHTS, NEW JERSEY (WAFF) -The hurricane-ravaged east coast has been receiving north Alabama help, but crews learned they could not help out in New Jersey unless they affiliated with a union.

A six man crew from Decatur Utilities headed up there this week, but Derrick Moore, one of the Decatur workers, said they were told by crews in New Jersey that they can’t do any work there since they’re not union employees.

The general manager of Decatur Utilities, Ray Hardin told Fox Business they were presented documents from the International Brotherhood of Electric Workers at a staging area in Virginia. The documents stated they had to affiliate with a union to work, which the crews could not agree to.

Hardin said the crews were told this was a requirement to work.

As they waited for confirmation on the documents, crews received word that Seaside Heights had received the assistance they needed from other sources.

They attempted to look for work in other areas but because a resolution could not be reached, they made the decision late Thursday night to return home.

Moore said they’re frustrated being told “thanks, but no thanks.”

Huntsville Utilities said they were not turned away and are in Long Island, New York working.

Joe Wheeler EMC said they did not respond to New Jersey, but did go up to Maryland and headed home once they were done.


If this does not prove that unions are run by idiots, I really have to wonder what it is going to take.

These union goons are more concerned with maintaining their own power than they are with restoring electrical service to those without it.

How utterly shameful.


(h/t: my buddy Earl)

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0 responses to “I.B.E.W. – Idiot Bastards Employing Wimps

  1. $50 says this doesn’t make the nightly news.

  2. Union Dues and Over-time is all that this ILK are concerned with….. oh and Union POWER….. A Trifecta of Bad…… But hey that’s how we’s play in Jor zey- ask mybrother Paulie over here….. !!!!

    Give me a break….. where are the RICO Laws when you need them….. I wonder if the Fine people of New Jersey would be so understanding!!!

  3. Grouchy,

    I didn’t mean to step on your post, as I have been busy vacuuming and cleaning the hardwood floors trying to get ready for weekend football, so I haven’t had time to look at today’s posts.

    LOL – Too bad I can’t teach the dog to mop and vacuum, because my back is killing me.


  4. What will hit the news tonight on the ABC’s is all the good things that the POS has done with this. Same M.O., show all the hardships first and then how the POS has come to save the day and the unions can beat their chests and say “Look what we did”

  5. Insanity…

  6. So much for the “brotherhood ” of Americans if they do not belong to a union.There was a time in our republics history where unions were necessary to protect workers and provide skilled workers to employers.Sadly,that is no longer the case.Today’s unions exist solely as revenue generators for parasitical union bosses who utilize their memberships monthly dues to line their pockets and to promote and subsidize equally parasitic politicians who in turn support the unions.I could go on,but,I think any rational semi literate person already recognizes this as a given truth.

    Wild Bill

  7. When we had our awful ice storm in Okla and Kansas, the winter of 2007; we had help from everywhere, and we turned no help away. It was awesome to see so many helping out. If not for them, we might have had no electricity for 20 weeks where we lived, as it was it was only 5 days.
    Next time Jersey and N.Y need help; let them eat cake

  8. Yes, you are right–the poor folks who are hungry, cold, wearing less than clean clothes are the loosers! I rather doublt that when the public finds out, if they find out, that they will be amused by the union antics. It is rather difficult to wrap your mind around the fact that some folks actually think–the “union agenda” is more important than helping the victims of a disaster!

  9. I am only a 12 year member of the ibew, 7 years of that “on the road”, but I have seen the changes. I don’t kiss ass, I don’t snitch, and I only give a shit about choosing what is “right” even if it goes against what I have believed. I used to believe in the so called “brotherhood”. But honestly the brotherhood may as well be taken out of the title, also international should be taken out cause it’s all bs. The international office controls the locals, they want to organize anybody they can get for political choices and don’t care for their electrical qualifications. The io wants guys that kiss ass and put up with broken conditions, (CE and CW program). The work percentage is around 10%-20% for most jurisdictions around the country, and getting smaller. The entire south is bad, but TX locals may be the worst offenders. There are many qualified long standing members on the books, yet the international is still pushing organizing. The contractors have more say in the halls than the members, and the newly organized members don’t know the difference between right and wrong. I do not know what to do but expose the truth that the ibew is becoming corrupt and a mere shadow of it’s former stature. All political donations are not chosen by the members but by the suits in Washington. The new ibew president is a puppet, who cares not of the working members, but for lobbying. Members hard earned dollars have always went to the DNC without being voted on. There is no way to save this union, it is the “sunset” not “sunrise” (video released to members a few years ago). The international office wants this union to basically become a temporary hiring institution, not a place for brotherhood. They are trying to change the history of which this union was founded, putting words in Henry Millers mouth that was never written. I have heard io reps say Henry miller was basically a shop man, Bullshit. They have changed the definition of a journeyman, from a skill level to quote “a person that keeps a job”. How is a book 2 traveler supposed to keep a job without stomping on book 1 hands. Nor would a real traveler even want to keep a job that expects wormy, shoppie behavior. Just call this union The CE, CW, shoppie, rocket organization, let the real members form a new “brotherhood” . If the ibew can not fix itself, fuck it, keep this worthless ticket because it’s only as good as the members. Jim Lewis 5th generation

  10. Well I’m sure those good brothers didn’t wanna risk the conditions they have made for themselves. And if they wouldn’t abide by the contract why have them out there breaking down conditions. It’s about putting in a quality job for an honest days pay, and to not let go of what older union brothers have lost their lives for our families to have. The job will get done just not running crazy to do it and in return a better quality job less mistakes and more money proffitted


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