Hypocrites: November democratic presidential debate to be held in Georgia, home to fetal heartbeat bill they protested

Demorats are nothing if not consistent: Double standards are the only standards they have.

Earlier this year Georgia Governor Brian Kemp signed the state’s heartbeat bill which bans abortion after a fetal heartbeat has been detected. The law goes into effect in 2020, unless successfully challenged.

Progressives went ballistic before this bill was signed into law because they love abortion.

Celebrities, corporations and politicians demanded their industry boycott Georgia. Just a few examples of those who called for/suggested a boycott:

B-list celebrities Alyssa Milano and George Takai along with the Writers Guild of America
Actresses/comedians Tiffany Haddish and Kristen Wiig
Disney and Netflix

Georgia House Democrats “condemned” Kemp’s signing of the bill: “The signing of this law ushers in a new era of nightmarish government intrusion into the reproductive rights and medical decision-making of all women in Georgia.:

Even the DNC expressed its concern and stated, “women’s lives are on the line in Georgia.”

They said, “Georgia’s abortion ban is only the latest example of how the Trump administration’s anti-women policies have emboldened legislators across the country to attack women’s access to health care,” the DNC wrote in a press release.

But what do you know…it’s now been announced that the fifth democratic presidential debate will be hosted by the recently opened Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta.

Pictured: Tyler Perry; Jada Pinkett Smith; Hillary Clinton; Will Smith; Evander Holyfield
Tyler Perry Studios launch gala. Atlanta, GA. Oct 5, 2019.
CREDIT: Faith to Fruition

I guess sticking to your principles is difficult when you can otherwise support a fellow democrat and his new business in a state that threatens women’s “reproductive rights.”

Tiffany Haddish at Tyler Perry Studios grand opening in Georgia



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Dr. Eowyn

Didn’t know Tyler Perry has such clout in Hellywood.


There’s Killery wearing a muu muu house gown to hide her ugly fat body thinking she’s being fashionable.


Yeah, real fashionable, that Hildebeast. I thought MuMu’s went out along with fondue pots. The only thing this demon will look good in is a burial shroud

Jackie Puppet

I can’t wait to hear Stacey Abrams claim yet again she won the Georgia gubner’s race by over 50,000 votes, and demand another recount.

I find it ironically funny that despite the call for a boycott, it’s still gonna be hosted by Tyler Perry Studios – guess he didn’t get the memo!


So the DNC says womens lives are on the line in Georgia. It’s babies lives that are on the line you witless bastards. What’s Evander Holyfield doing with this clot of degenerates? He was a devout Christian at one time


How interesting, DCG. Thank you for sharing. It reminds me of the Dems’ push to turn red-state Texas blue. They desire to infiltrate and take over every conservative place. Locally to me, they have already ruined New Hampshire, the Live Free Or Die state.


I don’t want these stinking commie puke traitors coming to my state.