Hypocrite much? Singer Pink’s husband posts message saying looters will be shot

Carey Hart Instagram photo

Odd that in the past, Pink has posted social media messages advocating for “common sense gun legislation.”

Well maybe not considering it is Hollyweird folks. Guns for me but not for thee…

Also odd is that people are actually defending looters. Wonder if these people sleep with their front doors unlocked at night?

From Yahoo: As if the devastating fires taking lives and ruining homes in California weren’t enough, people are now dealing with looters capitalizing on evacuated or burned-down houses. That includes celebrities.

Singer Pink‘s husband Carey Hart‘s post — warning looters in Malibu, the location of the Woolsey Fire, that they “will be shot on” sight has gone viral. The photo, of armed men calling themselves the “PDC Posse,” some wearing bandanas or masks while waving guns, has been controversial. There are of course supporters (Second Amendment!), but many are rightly (nice bias there, Yahoo) questioning it.

“You’re willing to shoot to kill people over your material ‘valuables’?” one commenter wrote to the retired motocross star. You sound like you’re actually dumber than the looters! I could see if you were protecting lives, but you have a gang of masked men with guns ready to kill over your insured possessions?!”

Pink, Hart and their two children were evacuated from their beachside home, which was spared during the fire. Generally, many residents who fled haven’t returned — and security systems aren’t working because there are power outages — so looters are taking advantage of the many multimillion-dollar mansions that are easy to gain access to.

Being in the thick of it gives a different perspective though. Shannen Doherty — who has been in Malibu to protect her house, which was spared, and help neighbors who weren’t as lucky (her friend’s home, where she was married, was charred) — posted an image on social media that was either the same or along those lines as Hart’s. She later deleted it after a similar debate broke out in the comments and apologized for sending the wrong message with a gun picture.

“If I offended anyone with my last post, which I deleted, I apologize,” the Beverly Hills, 90210 and Charmed actress said on her Instagram Stories. “I’m overly tired. I’m exhausted. I may not of used the best judgement.”

She continued, “Let me be clear — I do not like guns. I don’t like the idea that a bunch of people have guns. I don’t like the idea of shootings. I don’t like mass shootings. I also don’t like looters. And I don’t think it’s OK to pick through the remains of someone’s house. But I would also appreciate this not being turned into anybody’s political agenda. And please don’t assume you know what my beliefs or my politics are because you don’t. I keep those very private. I will say that I’m extremely stressed. I’ve been in Malibu trying to protect my house and checking on my neighbors and seeing many of my friend’s homes just completely destroyed.”

Read the whole story here.


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1 year ago

One of the mentally ill Liberal’s favorite “Doublethink” mantras:

1 year ago

Ha-Ha-Ha. Couple of air rifles in there. Couple of side arms maybe and the rest hunting rifles, several rounds at most. Hope the looters don’t shoot back. 1 glock has more ammo than all of them put together. And if they are so cavalier, why the masks? Demonrats probably. You sure this isn’t one of those pics they do at the Old Timey Photo Place at the amusement park?

1 year ago

Typical…. They are rabidly antigun until their shit is at stake then they want to go rogue…. Amazing how people against the Border Wall and for gun control live in gated compunds with armed guards…

1 year ago

I want his/her GUN!!! What gives him the right to ‘shoot looters” on his own property in his own home????? LOOTERS HAVE RIGHTS!!!!! (at least in CA!!!). (sarc) Give it to me and let ME decide if they should have the “right” to it or not, despite the Contsitution…!! Throw it into the melting pot/fires!!! (again, sarsc) We will regulate it, regulate the ammunition so, even if they can Constitutionally own the gun…they can’t have the ammunition for it. Blah, blah blah……blather blather liberal blather…..THE FIRST thing Hitler did upon assuming the mantel of “Chancellor” was to regulate the rights… Read more »