Hypocrite Hanoi Jane arrested for her continued PR “climate change” stunt

Hanoi Jane at her latest arrest stunt

Last week I told you how Hanoi Jane was arrested at a climate change protest she organized in DC. From my post:

“Jane Fonda was arrested in Washington, D.C., Friday while taking part in a protest about climate change.

The actress, 81, shared that she would be at the protest retweeting messages from the Fire Drill Fridays account, a Twitter account named for a series of demonstrations she organized to protest political inaction around climate change.

On the Fire Drill Fridays website, Fonda said she’s moved to D.C. “to be closer to the epicenter of the fight for our climate.”

“Every Friday through January, I will be leading weekly demonstrations on Capitol Hill to demand that action by our political leaders be taken to address the climate emergency we are in,” she wrote. “We can’t afford to wait.”

She got arrested again this past Friday protesting “climate change,” according to her script.

But what do ‘ya know…just last year (April 25, 2018) Hanoi Jane posted a picture on Instagram of her and her fellow libtards promoting their bomb of a movie, Book Club:

Gee, it appears the hypocrite traitor is flying on a private plane, doesn’t it?

And she’s only in living in DC for four months to protest. How do you think she’s getting back to her home in California? By donkey?



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If I could I would deliver a kick in the ass to speed her arrival in CA. She and Killary Rotten Clinton don’t give up!!!


Her carbon butt print looks pretty big in that private jet.


They really owe it to society to have her psych evaluated while she’s in jail.

Dr. Eowyn

Thank you, DCG, for uncovering the hyocrisy and disconnect of private-jet-flying, climate-change activist Jane Fonda. Her face is so lifted and botoxed, I wonder how she can even move a muscle.


Who let out the crypt keeper?

Mitchell Hyde
Mitchell Hyde

To look at Jane Fonda’s hands, and to not believe she stole those from E.T. means that she just might be an extra terrestrial……

Dr. Eowyn

Yikes! You’re right! Her hands show her true age: She’ll be 82 this December.