Hurricane Irene

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As you are probably aware a potentially major hurricane(Irene) is beginning to make its way up the east coast of the United States. The forecast is that it might make landfall in the area of Wilmington, NC and go inland from there. If this happens it could cause similiar damage that happened with hurricane Fran in 1996 which was pretty severe even as far inland as Raleigh, NC. I live just south of Raleigh and we are making preparations for this storm, I just ask that everyone please pray for us. We didn’t live here when Fran came through but we heard all the horror stories about the aftermath and Fran wasn’t as powerful as this storm has the potential to be.
It is still a little too early for a precise forecast, but just pray that it takes a more easterly track and stays out to sea which would be the ideal scenario. If it does come inland just pray for all the people in its path, that we remain safe during and after the storm.
Tom in NC

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  1. Prayers you stay safe Tom, and all in her path.

  2. Prayers winging your way, Tom.

  3. Clifton Lee West

    My best wishes go out to all who might be in Harm’s Way. When you are not faced with this type of danger, you have a tendency to forget that others are not so fortunate. Mother Nature still is in control even though mortals try to take it from time to time.

  4. Earthquake, too. Felt like heavy armor driving by here.

  5. Prayers coming from here as well!

  6. Tom–thinking about you! How well I remember Hurricane Fran. We were living in Troy, NC at the time. I remember waking up and hearing most of the tall pines in my backyard just snapping. Daylight brought quite a mess and days w/ no power or water. Hugo was also a mess for us too. That was the longest night as it blew through. Devastated Charlotte which is quite a ways inland.

  7. Yep I think we will be in for it. I got fuel for my generator so that should take care of the fridge if the lights go and we run off of propane so at least we can still cook. Still uncertain about the roof but my major concern is the two pine and ceder trees in front of the house as long as it blows away from the house we should be okay.
    Best of luck to you Tom. We should all check in after this mess is over.

  8. What is sort of funny is I just got satellite installed today it would suck if we lose the dish before next Monday.

  9. on the possitive side great kite flying weather…several years back a couple of guys had a hang glider they where farting around with during a storm on the east coast and a tv crew was there to catch the action. well the wind picked up and picked up the guy in the kite like apparatus and slammed him into a wall behind him. no one was ;hurt but it was sort of funny.


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