Hungry? IHOP Needs our Support

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Four Muslims are suing  IHOP and a franchise owner for discrimination.

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Attorneys filed a federal lawsuit against IHOP and a local franchise owner on Tuesday, claiming that the restaurant owners fired four managers across the Metroplex in 2010 because they are Muslim. The attorneys for the four managers said that their clients are still unemployed because of the damage done to their reputations.
The managers worked at IHOP locations in Plano, Burleson, Fort Worth and Arlington — all owned by Anthraper Investments.
“It became very clear to them that they were no longer wanted,” explained attorney James Vagnini, who represents the men in their lawsuit. “One by one, over the course of about four to five months, each of them was fired.”
According to the lawsuit, the managers had “performed their jobs without incident” for anywhere between seven to 14 years, enduring harassment about of their religion. “On 9/11, they would get an email from the owner of Anthraper Investments saying, ‘Lay low, it’s 9/11.’ Comments referring to Arabs as dogs. That Arab men don’t treat women fairly,” said Vagnini.

Please , one of you guys with gay-dar, click the link and watch the video posted above as cbslocal,  and tell me if their attorney is gay.  Did someone in the IHOP company actually suggest that Arab men don’t treat their women “fairly?”  Praise God!!  Umm, there’s only about 1,000 youtubes of Muslim wife beating.  Avi Lipkin is right.  Islam is not a religion – it is a psychosis. If you were planning on eating out this weekend, perhaps after church – please go to IHOP, and let them know why you chose to dine there.




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0 responses to “Hungry? IHOP Needs our Support

  1. This is unfreaking totally BIZARRE!! This may be a widespread belief & practice, as it was broadcast over Egyptian TV, I think. I know there are dozens of sects within Islam, and some, such as the vicious Wahhabi favoured by the fascist Saudi ruling Mafia, are the top of crude fanaticism. They were involved in the WTC & 9/11, but never apprehended or investigated by Bush/Cheney because of the oil flows. In fact, the royal family plane was the only one cleared for departure that day, when they should have been held for questioning, etc..
    When this video was over there was a selection of related ones, so I played the one that featured a woman doing an 8:58 talk, to see if Islamic women somehow believe this is an OK practise. Surprise, surprise!
    You MUST listen to her, as she quotes Job and other sources, to defeat the MCP who spoke so stupidly. Her concluding quotes from both our Bible and Mohammed state that if one wishes to have a good life, to be loved and respected, then s/he MUST treat others the same way. We cannot expect to achieve that happy state by wife beatings or other cruel stupidities. If one lives a violent life and mistreats others, the same will be dispensed to them!

  2. I looked at this savage fool again, and honestly he sickens me. That such terminal stupidity exists should make it clear to young Islamic men that if they follow insane bigots such as this CREEP they should expect to be dealt w/as the woman said in nthe video: the same treatment and worse will befall them! So wake up, and do unto others as she says, and get the freaking crapola out of yer ears! There, my blood pressure’s 20 pts higher! Grrr!!

  3. Calling all the fam in the Dallas/Fort Worth area!! You Rock IHOP!

  4. If I were the owner of an eating establishment that served breakfast sausage and bacon, I don’t think I would be seeking out Muslim managers to run it.
    Just sayin.’

    • Great point! Maybe the ‘managers’ were not able to find other work…. I can’t recall the title, but Edgar Allan Poe once wrote a satiric short story about Muslims and feeding them.

  5. Yeppers, that was what the woman in the second video I mentioned above said. According to what she read, any mistreatment of a woman by a man will be dished out to the same guy by Allah, PDQ.

  6. So you can beat your wife when she won’t sleep with you – and that is called “honoring” her. Hmmmm, in America we have a different name for that. RAPE WITH BATTERY! Whaddya expect from folks that revere a pedophile of nine year olds to the point they’ll kill you for merely drawing a picture of him. (At least Joseph Smith waited until they were fourteen!)

  7. This really struck me as funny, the video is so absurd. There is a beating etiquette? LOL, get real, these people are absolutely crazy…


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