Hungary builds 100-mi razor-wire border to keep out "migrants"

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Europe is being inundated by tens of thousands of “refugees” from Muslim countries — a crisis that is in part due to Obama’s disastrous Mid-East policy. (See “Obama to let in 10,000 Syrian refugees despite no way of identifying terrorists“)
2015 refugee crisis - asylum applications of European countries
Europe, still animated by the humanitarian values of its Christian civilization, is taking in the “refugees” despite Islamic State jihadists saying they are infiltrating and hiding among the “refugees”. Germany says it will take at least 500,000 asylum seekers per year. Finland is looking at increasing capital gains taxes to offset “higher immigration costs.” The EU has announced plans to impose a quota system aimed at settling 160,000 refugees. (ZeroHedge)
Meanwhile, the 5 richest Arab Gulf states — Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain — refuse to take in even one refugee, citing the risk of terrorism as their reason.
Pope Francis, tone deaf as usual to his hypocrisy, is urging Europeans, especially Catholics, to each adopt one refugee family, while announcing the Vatican, a city-state, will take in two refugee families.
Hungary, however, is saying no to the refugee tidal wave by dispatching its military to patrol the border and using convicts to build a 100-mile border with razor wire.
The New York Times reports, Sept. 11, 2015:

The Hungarian Army was conducting exercises near the border with Serbia on Thursday, a possible prelude to a more active role as thousands of migrants continued to pour into the country overnight.
The involvement of the army in policing the border, where a 110-mile fence with razor wire is being constructed to keep migrants out, is subject to the approval of a bill in Parliament this month.
The number of migrants in the area has shown no sign of abating, and Hungarian military officials have said the army would help secure the country’s borders.

Reuters reports that Hungary expects to finish the 109-mile fence, constructed by prisoners, along its border with Serbia by early October, and indicated it would call a “state of crisis” next week on the migrants and refugees streaming through the Balkans.
With 3,321 refugees entering from Serbia on Wednesday, the highest daily total yet, Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s chief of staff said Hungary planned to introduce “different rules of the game” from next week, with penalties for illegal entry, accelerated asylum procedures and possible expulsion back over the border.
If Hungary can do this, why can’t America with our southern border?

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0 responses to “Hungary builds 100-mi razor-wire border to keep out "migrants"

  1. Regretfully, it appears the immigration problem is part of the plan to rule the world as the USSR was ruled before Stalin’s science became post-WWII consensus western science.'S_SCIENCE

  2. With all the money the Vatican has , and they are only taking in 2 families !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At that rate , the average European should be only liable for about 5 minutes of adoption time

  3. Also , if their own fellow Arabs don’t want them ; that should tell you something

  4. Hungarians do not want a repetition of the Muslim domination that it
    suffered for nearly 200 years (circa 1500-1700). Who can blame them.
    Those who forget the lessons of History are doomed to repeat them.

  5. “If Hungary can do this, why can’t America with our southern border?”

    My exact thought, too.

    • One reason might be that Hungary wishes to preserve its national identity, and our current regime wishes to destroy ours.
      …. and our culture.
      …. and our values.
      …. and our economy.
      …. and our younger generation.
      Need I say more?

  6. I believe this situation is being created by the NWO as an attempt to tear down the entire world’s borders and then the elites will bring in their total world domination agenda. They are attempting to flood every nation with people that do not belong there. These people need to learn how to deal with their problems and stop inflicting it onto the rest of the world! There isn’t anywhere in the world where the economy is booming (all due to the elites) and able to take on another nation’s people. This is absolutely a farce! Notice who isn’t tying into this false drama. We, the USA, can’t even take care of our own people financially – why would our government put another tremendous financial and emotional burden upon us? Because, this is their goal to tear down our economy and borders and saturate this country with people who don’t appreciate the USA or know what freedom and liberty is – they haven’t a clue and will spread this anti-freedom wherever they are. This is the purpose of an immigration process and period of time to become an American citizen. The person learns about America, the flame of freedom and time to integrate into OUR way of life. This is exactly the work of the evil elites: they create a problem and then tell us they’ve come up with a solution – one that benefits them and helps to destroy the people. I’m still praying daily that more and more people will wake up to the reality of what’s taking place with our government officials and that socialism/communism has invaded us and also come to know that this structure isn’t self-sustaining and doesn’t work. It hasn’t worked anywhere so far – why do so many Americans believe that it will work here? Socialism/communism is a false psychology and form of government – it’s not meant to create a wealthy, healthy society – it’s false altruism by those who are bringing into our life. This ridiculous idea of redistribution of wealth so that everyone has the same amount of income (oh, but the elites don’t include themselves in this sham), only leads to financial and emotional and physical breakdown of society where no one is able to take care of and help another let alone take care of themselves. It won’t create a healthy sense of self-worth but a low to non self-worth. It’s totally regressive and leads to death consciousness. Liberals, for your sake and ours, wake up and stop denying reality! Tune the elitists out and tell them to get out of your life!

    • When will workers in unions realize that this is an attempt to bring in low-paid labor from all over the world in order to drive down wages worldwide? It will also of course destroy the nation-state as we know it another goals of the NWO I’m Soros etcetera

  7. Hmm, might Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait know something we don’t?

  8. Is it an immigration or an invasion? That is a question that must be asked. 13% of the immigrants are women and 15% are children. The majority are young men. With all these people coming in, it can change the character of Western Europe forever. Are they going to assimilate in European culture or will they eventually demand Sharia Law? Humanitarian concerns are important, but so is maintaining the character of the West and the security of its citizens. The Western World should pressure the Islamic Nations to take in their share of these refugees.

  9. I don’t feel this is an immigration, but an invasion. There are certainly enough young healthy young men in each country to stay and fight for their own country, which is where all their culture and traditions are. By going to other countries and demanding they change to suit your wants, accomplishes nothing but strife.
    Germany will rue the day they made such an ignorant decision, setting the example for other countries.
    Kudos to Hungary for saving their history and culture.

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  11. Bring in the Serbs. Ratko Mladic, Radovan karadzic and Arkan. They know how to deal with these raping beggers. Unfortunately i think they’re all dead.
    We need another Vlad the impaler.
    Peace, tolerance, understanding in the global village? Go faak yourself. The only thing muslims understand is an iron fist to the head.


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