Hundreds of Obama’s sons & daughters riot in Ft. Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale race riot, May 26, 2014

Fort Lauderdale race riot, May 26, 2014

Yesterday, Memorial Day 2014, hundreds of blacks rioted in Fort Lauderdale beach, about 23 miles north of Miami, Florida.

Once again, as in every news report since the POS entered the White House, news reporters refused to identify the perpetrators as black, but described them instead with what we now know to be the Orwellian Newspeak synonyms for rioting blacks — “youths,” “teens,” and “young people.”

Once again, news reporters refused to call the incidents what they are — RIOTS.

In the case of CBS4 Miami reporter Carey Codd (or his editor), the dissembling reached absurd heights:

  • Codd actually called the riot of hundreds of blacks — which necessitated the deployment of police in riot gear, the use of mace, the closing of bridges to the beach for an hour, and the arrest of dozens of those lovely “young people” — a mere “ruckus,” a word that the dictionary defines as “row” or “disturbance.”
  • Not only did Codd studiously avoid identifying the “young people” as black, the news video had few images of the (black) rioters, but many images of menacing policemen in riot gear.

What follows is Carey Codd’s lies-of-omission report for CBS4 Miami, May 26, 2014, followed by screenshots I took from CBS4’s (click here) and WPLG local10’s (click here) news videos, which clearly show the racial identity of these “young people”:

Fort Lauderdale police believe hundreds of young people made their way to the beach for one reason this Memorial Day, to cause trouble.

Police described a volatile scene Monday night as they had to arrest dozens of people that were part of unruly crowds. Two separate incidents late Monday afternoon kept officers busy. One scene was near the area of 31st Avenue and West Broward Boulevard. The other was near the beach close to A1A.

Police said around 5 o’clock in the afternoon, hundreds of young people made their way to the beach for one reason this Memorial Day, to cause trouble.

Fort Lauderdale Police were in riot gear as a large crowd of young people moved through A1A reportedly causing mayhem. “We had several reports of individuals who were reaching into vehicles, striking drivers. We have reports individuals who were jumping on top of taxicabs,” said Detective Deanna Greenlaw with Fort Lauderdale Police Department.

Fort Lauderdale Police officials said a group of young people came to the beach to fight and when police quickly broke it up, they scattered through the streets. “This was something that was planned through these individuals and they were coming to Fort Lauderdale Beach Park for this purpose, to cause a problem,” added Greenlaw.

Some people who witnessed the scene said the situation got out of hand. Others said police sprayed the troublemakers with mace. Police tell CBS4’s Carey Codd they arrested dozens of people and shut down bridges to the beach for an hour.

By nightfall police were still at the ready as investigators said a tag team effort between Fort Lauderdale and the Broward Sheriff’s Office kept people safe. “The Fort Lauderdale Police Department and the Broward Sheriff’s Office showed them that their rowdy, unruliness would not be tolerated,” said Greenlaw.

Despite all the chaos police said they have no reports of any residents or tourists being injured, nor were any police officers injured. CBS4 News has learned a young person was stabbed but that person apparently did not want to cooperate with investigators or press charges. Police also said there was a report of a brick being used to vandalize a Broward County bus. The police spokesperson said transit officials believed that was done by one of the people involved in the altercations here on the beach and bus routes to the beach were shut down after that.

 Screen shots from CBS4 Miami’s video:

Ft Lauderdale2Ft Lauderdale1

Screen shots from the more honest WPLG local10’s news video:

Ft Lauderdale5Ft Lauderdale3Ft Lauderdale6Ft Lauderdale7We can only imagine what these “young people” would do when the food stamps, welfare checks, and Social Security “Disability” benefits are curtailed or withdrawn.

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Paul Lemmen
Paul Lemmen

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The Willpower

When I was a kid and would come from Maine to Savannah to visit my
grandmother, blacks never went to the beach. Why are they
overwhelming the beaches now?

John Molloy
John Molloy

Remember, ‘Under the Boardwalk’? Growing up in New York City, I noticed that the blacks who did go to the beach early in the day stayed under the boardwalk. On beaches where there were no boardwalks for shade, they would arrive after 5 PM. Why?
Because black absorbs heat and they did not want to go home looking like
Barack Obama Sr.


Sister is a Nurse in a Nursing Home in Ohio and last week they was handed down a new rule. “A BLACK person must be called African American if they do not know their names” You will be written up if you call any one BLACK and if written up it will be for a Racial Slur. I personally have never met a African American however alot of BLACK Americans I do know.


Their preferred name keeps changing. Black used to be okay to say. Not every one of them is from Africa, after all. When King O first talked about running for POS, blacks complained that “He ain’t one of us.” They said that because he did not descend from slaves. I guess they got over their prejudice. Sigh.


The writers of the story and others like him are not fooling anyone. I read the comments on a CBS site and another and every comment was just like Dr. Eowyn’s Story. Everyone knew right away by the pics and words used it was a snow job.
At least the sheeple are waking up. 🙂


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Here’s a new one on 5/29/2014. A bunch of adults started a fight at a graduation ceremony. That’s how they were described. I had a sneaky suspicion…and sure enough! Watch the videos that are embedded in the article. LOL


Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this most interesting post. Such continual, deliberate avoidance of setting forth what is actually happening is the style of the Left, since they are not transparent and will protect their views even if it means to lie to people.