Hundreds of (black) teens attack pedestrians in downtown Chicago

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The Magnificent Mile is a prestigious section of Chicago’s Michigan Avenue, adjacent to downtown, running from the Chicago River to Oak Street in the Near North Side.
Last Saturday night, the Magnificent Mile wasn’t so magnificent as 300 to 400 swarming teens descended on the upscale avenue, mobbing and attacking pedestrians.
Alexandra Fisher reports for NBCChicago, April 1, 2013:

Several teens were arrested after dozens of mob groups began attacking pedestrians on Chicago’s downtown Magnificent Mile area on Saturday night.

Police responded to reports of disturbances near Michigan and Chicago Avenues.

Police said 28 teens were arrested during the incident and no serious injuries were reported.

The teens charged with misdemeanor reckless conduct and battery and later released, according to News Affairs Officer Perkus.

Eleven other teens were charged with the same misdemeanor charges after they attacked a group of women on the CTA Red Line, police said.

“You have over three to four hundred teenagers with mob action, jumping on individuals that are downtown,” said community activist Andrew Holmes. “Multiple people have been arrested and I caution those parents that get this call about your child being arrested — maybe you need to check your child.”

Officers began breaking up the attacks by ushering teens to the Red Line. Chaos continued underground but many attackers reportedly left the area.

“I just saw a cluster run down to the Red Line,” said Red Line passenger Amanda Dobson. “I didn’t know what was going on. I just kind of stepped back and let the police do what they needed to do.”

Police continued to patrol the area on bikes, horses and on foot as smaller groups wandered around the Loop.

It is not clear if the attacks are related to a similar mobbing of Ford City Mall last month.

Residents were concerned that this could be the first in a long line of attacks after warm weather brought on a string of similar instances last year.

“It’s been happening a lot around here,” said Eric Baldinger, who works along the Magnificent Mile. “Just keep your wallet close and your purse closer.”

Others said the attacks were disappointing and feared for the future of the city. “I think it’s very childish,” said resident Angelica Wilson. “That’s what wrong with the generation today because there’s always petty fights going on down here and everybody getting hurt. We don’t need more problems.”

There’s just one word missing from the title of the above NBCChicago news article, “Hundreds of Teens Mob Pedestrians on Chicago’s Magnificent Mile.”
See if you can figure out what’s the missing word from the following screenshots I took from the NBCChicago news video (you can watch the video for yourself, here):
If Obama had more children, would they look like the Magnificent Mile teens?

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0 responses to “Hundreds of (black) teens attack pedestrians in downtown Chicago

  1. Animals…
    Obama must be proud of Chicago. You couldn’t pay me to visit there with all the violence and gun incidents. That city is messed up.

    • This would have never happened in a city where CCW permits are issued to law abiding citizens. It also makes a great argument against the commies who want to restrict magazine capacity to 7.
      Incidents like this are a direct result of the Democratic Party and the radical left’s mindset that whites, conservatives, and the wealthy are EVIL… As opposed to just thinking they’re misguided. This is exactly what the propoganda machine achieved in 1930’s Germany and paved the way for the ruling party actually believing it was the just and moral thing to do when they murdered 6 million men, women, and children. You guys should read up on how these same progressives actually held massive pro-nazi events at places like Madison Square Garden in the years leading up to the war.

      • Andrew, I’m well aware, and that’s what scares the crap out of me.
        We are watching history repeat itself. Well I should say History is trying to repeat itself. Since we all know how that turns out I think we just might be a little monkey wrench in that plan.
        I do not know how, or when, but I do know that there will come a time when people will have to choose repeating history, or
        fighting for our freedom’s especially for our children’s sake.
        Have you noticed, take for instance today. Connecticut is about to pass some nasty gun control laws. They say lines are around the block with people buying. People are going bat shit crazy buying guns and ammo.
        I have a sneaky suspicion they will not go quietly into the night.
        Thanks for reminding me about the CCW’s. I have a post I’ve been meaning to put up about my
        state Fl and stat’s since CCW went “Shall Issue.

  2. odd i live nearby and all though i watch very little tv and catch the news occasionally i have seen the news recently and in the news this incident was not.. nothing nada zip not a peep well nearby in like probably 45 miles or so

  3. Sounds more and more likely like we’ll soon see a Hitler-like “Night of the Broken Glass (Kristallnacht)”. Where that German demon sanctioned community violence against the Jews, cheered them on, and promised no retributions. 🙁 …….

  4. I know the missing word!!! Black!! They were black teens throwing gang signs! and with the murders that happened over the weekend. Look at the world awaiting you.

  5. The police are telling us the parents of these kids are complaining their kids are not doing anything wrong. That is a big problem. Those parents are not supervising their children.

    • If you read the reports coming out of Detroit about bank fraud and the work of the NOW! group that is working to help those being foreclosed upon, and apply the information to this segment of the population in Chicago it could be
      possible that the African Americans in Chicago are also being targeted for extinction. Extinction, genocide whatever you call it, it’s part of an existential crisis that is acutely felt by African American and will very shortly be transfered to people of all backgrounds and hues who have any form of asset.
      These kids are reacting to an existential threat that they can sense instinctively and have no way of fighting intellectually so their only recourse is to cause mayhem and see if they can attract some attention that way, and maye get some help. Of course kids are going to kick up a rumpus if they literally have their futures and their destinies being snatched away from them right under their very noses. We are responsible for being part of a plan to get rid of a huge portion of our citizenry by stripping us of our stuff including all of our constitutional rights so that we are pulp and will kindly lay down and die. Younger people who don’t have any illusions that our government being capable or willing to act on our behalf are bound to show that they still have the spark of life in them. Why aren’t we jumping on members of Congress and getting them to reinstate Glass Steagall by passing HR129. We are allowing the top dogs to sell us out because they are part of this plot to confiscate our money which has now been proved by the latest FDIC report which shows that the bailin policy has been on the cards for a while now. It’s happening all over the place, Canada is getting as we speak. These kids have no assets to confiscate so they are trying to get some maybe. That’s the irony of it all.

  6. This reminds me of one of the reasons we moved out of that area 7 years ago….That and the corruption, taxes, cronyism, etc., ad nauseum. The south is much friendlier and polite.

  7. Why, all the teens are white in the pics or maybe I am just COLORblind???

    • You could paint by numbers and make them any color you want.
      What color are the drone operators? What color are the Buffalo Soldiers? Does it make any difference now that we find out that Syria is being torn to shreds because Assad refused to joing with Turkey et al so that Iran could be
      attacked. How come we are funding MEK now? What color are “we”?
      Is this about the sons of Noah? Did these people gaze at their father lying drunk in his tent not walk in backwards and throw a blanket over him? Jesus said to forgive seventy times seven.
      Did he say pray thus, Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive them that trespass against us? Suffer the little children to come unto me.
      I think I remember something about people who cause young ones to stumble get a millstone tied around their necks and get thrown into the river or lake or sea on that account. Aren’t we meant to turn the other cheekk, a house divided against itself will fall. We might be being divided so we can be conquered. Let us pray together in one place in one accord as they did on the day of Pentecost and have the Holy ghost to manifest in our midst with Holy Ghost Fire and this will get rid of the demons one and for all.

    • It looks like they are all Black. You can tell when they smile.

  8. Oh, that’s so funny – I read a big headline that said “Black”, then immediately checked out another site and voila, the word BLACK was gone!! Hmmm, PC games again….
    Their parents must be sooooooo proud of them!

  9. alice wolf and PatriotUSA:
    I made a point about the missing word “Black” from the news article’s title “Hundreds of Teens Mob Chicago’s Magnificent Mile” to draw attention to the continuing refusal of the media to report the facts when it comes to Blacks.
    If hundreds of white or Asian teens had gone on a rampage, attacking pedestrians anywhere in the United States, and especially in a swanky downtown, it would be in national news.

  10. Looking at the last picture of the article , it’s easy to figure out why the out of wed-lock birth-rate among black- americans is damn near 70% or more . They have no respect for themselves so why would anybody else respect them …………………………….ACTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES DIP-STICKS …You reap what you sow !!!

  11. Tell’em they have to pay the gun tax.

  12. Dr. Eowyn,
    I’ve spent the last hour or so reading various articles from your site and many had me thinking on a more critical level. I really enjoyed the article about Symbolism in the Olympic opening and closing ceremonies. I clicked on this article and immediately was disappointed to see that the mob if teens attacking people were, in fact, Black (you could’ve said African American, though). As a somewhat educated African American woman, I wasn’t surprised when reading the comments left by yourself and others. For the record, it is the MEDIA that refuses to report the ethnicity of my people when reporting in new stories. Why? Because no one wants to be labeled “racist”. But if you ask any Black person with half a brain about the situation, their response would be along the lines of “Damn! Why’d they have to be black?!” We, as a people, are already ashamed enough of those other black people with no class or control. But please, don’t lump us all in this category. The comment of “If Obama had more kids, would they look like this?” was just hurtful.

    • “don’t lump us all in this category”
      Please show me where I did that, Zoe? Not once in my post can/will you find the words “all Blacks.” If I were guilty of that accusation, I would never:
      1. Extol neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson, who happens to be Black. See:
      2. Invite the articulate and intelligent Lavelle, author of the book Dirty Laundry Coloreds and Whites (iUniverse, 2012) who just happens to be Black, to write a guest post for FOTM:
      As for my sarcastic comment: “If Obama had more kids, would they look like this?”:
      Surely you do know that Obama made that comment about Trayvon Martin and in so doing, further inflamed public sentiments against George Zimmerman whose shooting of Martin was not racially-motivated. See
      Your comment is just another example that there is no way we can talk about anything to do with Black Americans without having what we say be twisted and distorted.

    • Zoe, were you born in Africa? If not please drop the
      bullshit African- American stuff. Try just being an American.
      Hell it’s a start. That right there will keep us separated till Kingdom come..

    • Were you born in America? If so, you are an American. Get over the African American label..

    • Zoe,
      Great comments! I’m a bit new here myself. From everything I’ve seen and read on this site, Dr. Eowyn is a straight-shooter. As are most of the others.
      I think you would greatly enjoy the book “You Can Change the World” by James Keller. If you do read it, get the original 1948 edition, not the newer abridged editions which are vastly inferior. It’s probably available at your local library.

    • Zoe, in rereading your response you say
      “My People” and We as a People” I can take that 2 ways. One is you see everything in black and white which would make you a racist in my book.
      Or you and your “People” have a serious problem and you really need to do something about it.
      For 40 yrs people of all colors have been trying to give you a hand up.
      Not a hand out. Guess which most have chosen.
      Want to here something really sad. I have a friend on this blog and he’s an American who happens to be Black. I said to him
      “What’s the solution to this mess” and he said ” We need to eliminate
      1 or 2 generations and start fresh.? pretty powerful stuff.
      You have really lost a generation who will never ever be happy or productive and their roll in crime stat’s will be off the charts.
      You have any ideas? I wish someone did.

  13. Believe John Wayne said it best. To be an American, get rid of the hyphen.

  14. A reblogué ceci sur L'horreur islamique.

  15. Actionable offense…
    All actions of the child paid for by its family.
    If you can do the crime, your family will accompany you during the time.


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