Humorous Screen Grabs (developing)

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Have you noticed that some images online say more than their connected stories?  Here are a few. The numbers of grabs will grow as I come across them.  I invite all FOTM writers to add to this post. ~TD


This caption could be attached to any picture of Michelle.

Aarrgghhh!!! TAKE IT OUT!!!

Ya think?!!!

“Terrorism suspected…” Ya think?!!!

…or at least America.

…or at least America.

Worried about the IRS?

Worried about the IRS?

Is it legal to say that?

Is it legal to say that?

Rioting Yoots!!!

Rioting Yoots!!!

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0 responses to “Humorous Screen Grabs (developing)

  1. It must be nice to take a vacation any damn time you want . It’s even better if you’re able to control the taxpayers to fund your idiocy . Living high on the hog on somebody else’s dime . Go out and get a job on you’re own qualifications you nasty hemerhoid .

  2. “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.”
    ― Margaret Thatcher

  3. Love these! Keep them coming, TD! 😀

  4. At one point today Drudge said, “Weiner all in”. Ha!

  5. Mabye Anthony Weiner and Eric Holder could be on the same ticket.
    Weiner-Holder! Ha-Ha-Ha.

  6. Priceless, Laserboy – just made my day!

  7. Some days Drudge is just made for this.
    Great idea TD. 😆


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