Hummingbird In Hand

A joyous Sunday to all!
I love birds. My love for them began when I found a fledgling sparrow outside a health club some years ago. She caught my attention when she stayed on the ground as I walked past within a foot of her. When I bent down and extended my hand, she pecked my finger! That did it. I knew she had to come home with me because she would never survive out there. I named her Buffy and put her in a large cage condo festooned with twigs and leaves. She taught me how intricate and marvellous birds are. Did you know that the humble common House Sparrow is among the most intelligent of birds?
One morning, when I reached into her condo to do her seed and water, Buffy just sat there. I knew something was wrong. So I took her in my hand, and sat on the bed. I thanked her for the joy she brought into my life as she quietly passed on. She waited till morning so that she could say goodbye. Buffy lived three years.
I hope you will also discover how marvellous these creatures are. Here are three short videos on humming birds. The first is quite magical: A man feeds a hummingbird from his hand!
This young man is a St. Francis of hummingbirds!
Have you ever seen a baby hummingbird? Me neither! Here are two babies, from egg to fledgling:
I see the awesome Creator in His wondrous designs. Don’t you? 😉

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