Man immolates himself at Burning Man 2 in Utah

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Burning Man is an annual event in the last week of August (through Labor Day) in the Black Rock Desert in northern Nevada.
Begun in 1986, the event was capped at 50,000 attendees in 2011 after a phenomenal attendance by 51,515 people in 2010 — all amidst blowing sand, extreme daytime heat, porta toilets, and no showers.
Though it is advertised as “an experiment in community, art, radical self-expression, and radical self-reliance” — whatever all that means — Burning Man has overt pagan tones in its ritual burning of a gigantic wooden human figure on the event’s last evening (see pic below).

burning manThe Burning Man at Black Rock Desert, Nevada

Utah has a copycat Burning Man called Element 11.
Christine McCarthy reports for KUTV that at Element 11 last Saturday (July 13) night at about 11 p.m., a festival-goer ran into the blazing bonfire and immolated himself.
The theme for this year’s sold-out Element 11 is “Into the Wild” — whatever that means.
A photographer captured a video of the incident (go to KUTV for the video), showing a man making his way through a crowd of event-goers and a circle of security personnel before spinning around, dancing, and then running into the bonfire hellfire.
Element 11a
Festival-goer Daisey McDonald said, “He was running out there. He was dancing around a little bit, and then all of a sudden he jumped into it. It’s like he didn’t even know it was fire. The whole time I was thinking, ‘He’s going to walk out, he’s going to be okay.'”
Each night of Element 11, a different, large structure is burned as a crowd gathers. J.P. Bernier, the director of safety volunteers for the event, said plenty of safety officials were present: “The fire was intentional, and it was planned. A great deal of preparation and care goes into the constructing of the effigy we burn in ceremonial fashion with attendance by Grantsville fire. We have a perimeter of safety officials that surround the fire. It was a very tragic event. Our hearts go out to the family and friends of the victim.”
Police later identified the self-immolator as 30-year-old John Christopher Wallace of Salt Lake City. According to the police, he had told people earlier in the day of his intentions to kill himself by jumping in the fire which became his funeral pyre.
Grantsville police are investigating what led up to Wallace’s suicide.
A former co-worker of Wallace, who calls him/herself Benthewicked, wrote on on Reddit that Wallace was a copy-editor.
According to an account in the Salt Lake Tribune, Wallace had taken the hallucinogenic LSD-like mescaline before he ran full speed into the fire.


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0 responses to “Man immolates himself at Burning Man 2 in Utah

  1. Reblogged this on Dead Citizen's Rights Society.

  2. Lemmings …

  3. Our bizzaro New World Disorder continues to unravel daily before our eyes, if we can but see it is so….

  4. “Grantsville police are investigating what led up to Wallace’s suicide.” I can answer that one for them, he gave his soul to satan. End of story.

  5. traildustfotm

    Sad, stupid, evil.

  6. I always saw the ORIGINAL “Burning Man Festival”,the one in Nevada,as more of a Woodstock kinda deal,pretty much harmless except for the damage done to participants via sunburn,bad food and the occasional “over-medication”.
    How typical of the News Media to introduce the “Satanic overtones” thought into the sheeples’ minds.
    And leave it to Utah to push for more,bigger and badder,ie. burning a different giant effigy each night. I think the “human sacrifice” was likely the result of someone using the event to make his mark on society,rather than a more personal means of suicide. I doubt it had any organized Satanic relevance at all. Sometimes a rock is just a rock.

  7. “Creativity and self expression…” Obviously he wanted to express himself like a cigar.

    • And he may have considered his sacrifice to be “art”. You know what whack jobs these new agers are. But ultimately it was satan whispering in his ear. What words he used to persuade him, we will never know.

    • HA! Or just maybe he did it to earn the “Darwin Award.”

  8. And burning human flesh really stinks.
    He had no consideration for the others in attendance.

  9. Well, at least he is out of the gene pool.

  10. i hate people… most of you people that commented are 1 of the main reasons why i hate people. why are most people, at heart, fucking ass holes?

  11. I attended Burning Man back in 2001 and can say unequivocally that the “Burning of the man” has nothing to do with celtic paganism, human sacrifice, or the movie The Wicker Man. It originated from a Native American reincarnation ritual performed on the dead and the spirits renewal. The name of the tribe escapes me right now.
    The event did have a few things that immediately caught my attention and were all associated with communism and strangely enough, it’s polar opposite anarchy. No currency allowed, only bartering (yet they required cash for the admission), heavy drug use no matter what attendees claim, and I found it hilarious how hypocritical all these lefties were in their observation of the tenets of the event like participation, civility, and not leaving a mess. they were such a bunch of ****ing pigs. lol.
    I thought it was fun to go at least once, not for the reasons why 99% go, but just for people watching. I learned more about the anti-America crowd that week than I had in 4 years of college.
    For all I care, i’d like to see a MOAB dropped on the whole event sometime in the future. hehe. Society would definitely benefit.

    • Not to worry, Andrew, our bizzaro New World Disorder is unwinding as fast as it possibly can, so your prayers will be fulfilled. I can only hope the consequences are what you expected… desired… wanted?

    • I predict that these festivals will continue and grow in popularity. Sometime in the near future, these events will be the perfect vehicle to showcase real human sacrifices, I think this looney’s actions this past week opened a door for the real thing. The concept is inevitable since it is satan”s highest tribute and the festival is to honor him and the underworld. And I truly believe that his minions are ready to give him what he most desires in this world, second only to stealing our souls.

    • “No currency allowed, only bartering (yet they required cash for the admission)”
      Ha Ha Ha Ha! In other words, the organizers of Burning Man actually are capitalists-on-steroids and hypocrites! Good observation, andrew!

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  13. Normal behavior in modern America.

  14. Absolutely demonic.


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