"Human Rights" for Pedophiles

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Lunatic Judge

This is just about the most disgusting thing I’ve ever heard.  They have gone straight up crazy over in the UK.

Rules on pedophiles seeing their children relaxed after judges decide their human rights are more important

Over in the United Kingdom, restrictions on pedophiles using the internet and seeing their own children have been torn up after judges ruled their human rights are more important. The Court of Appeal has overturned powers introduced by the last government to protect children from abuse following a landmark legal challenge.
Four men convicted of viewing child pornography online argued it would breach their “right to a family life” to keep them apart from their children and stop them surfing the web. In a controversial move, the Court of Appeal said judges should no longer impose total bans on sex offenders accessing the internet. Pedophiles have also won the right to have unsupervised access to their children as it would breach their human rights to keep them apart, judges said.
They ruled the ‘right to a family life’ must be taken into account before Sexual Offences Prevention Orders (SOPO) are issued. The decision by three appeal judges, led by Lord Justice Hughes, will seriously weaken the ability of the courts to place restrictions on offenders.
Last night Philip Davies MP said: ‘This is very worrying. What concerns me is the criminal justice system always seems to put the rights of the criminal ahead of the public and victim. It risks creating a terrible victim of crime, which could be completely avoidable. That to me is unforgivable.’
One of those who brought the challenge was Wayne Clarke, 34, who was convicted in 2006. He had been traced to North Wales after breaching his bail and found to have a stash of electronic equipment containing photos and videos of young girls engaged in sexual acts. He had been in touch with a mother of a four-year-old girl and had sent her child pornography.
The Court of Appeal ruled the terms of Clarke’s SOPO were “wider than necessary” and a blanket internet ban on him was “disproportionate”. Conditions of the SOPO which prevented any social contact with boys was also ‘unnecessary and unrealistic’ as it would prevent Clarke from having ‘ordinary family contact with his brother and nephews’.
What about the human rights of innocent children? How in the world does surfing the internet for pornography enhance the “family life” of a convicted pedophile? What mother in their right mind would dare leave their child alone, unsupervised, with a convicted pedophile?
I just can’t believe what is happening in our world today.  Don’t you forego certain rights if you are a criminal? The freaks and criminals are no longer being required to face the consequences of their actions. Lunatic judges have placed the “human rights” mantra above all that is good, failing to protect children from evil.

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0 responses to “"Human Rights" for Pedophiles

  1. When the legal system of any society fails to protect the innocent, then society is left to fend for itself. That being said, any means necessary to deal with any situation must be applied and diligently so that the guilty pay, and pay dearly, for any infraction of common sense laws which will always be in place, everywhere. Many in the West recoil from Islamic finality in its laws, but, seeing how lenient we have become, there may be a certain merit to cutting off the hand of the thief. Let’s put it this way, he or she won’t do it again, at least not with the missing hand! Imagine where this would leave the rapist.

  2. I never understood this thing with human rights. It seems that the only people that have the right to human rights are the wrongdoers. What about the human rights of the rest of the society? Very soon being a pedophile – oh, pardon me, a minor attracted – will be not only legal but imposed on us as is the homosexual crap nowadays. And Hollywood will be doing love stories between minor attracteds and small kids. Because let’s face it, love is love and we are just a bunch of haters! Blergh!!!

  3. This judge is either a sexual predator himself or is close with someone who is. It is perfectly acceptable among progressives to support all sorts of sexual debauchery and still work to protect children. This is clearly an instance of a judge ruling based on skin he has in the game.

  4. Do people who just want to live, earn their own way and be safe have Human Rights any more?

    • Anon,
      In a society of Tyranny of the Freaks, only the freaks — not normal people — have “human rights.”
      We were warned: “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” (Isaiah 5:20)

  5. convicted beyond a reasonable doubt-death penalty,they are no good to themselves or society. Use it and use it swiftly.

  6. There should be castration for pedopiles!!!!!

  7. Does that mean the child victims have the human right to beat the predators to a blood pulp for giving them STDs, an inability to have a healthy relationships, nightmares, and flashbacks that never go away? Just curious.

    • No, self-defense is really bad and evil (it makes people believe in the 2nd Amendment, freedom and independence from England) so they just have to take it for their… uh, society’s own good. [Insert left/libtard gun-banning argument here.]

  8. If the ACLU has their way the same will be true in the US also. The ACLU represents NAMBLA.

  9. Once on a radio talk show I mentioned paedophiles would be looking for their human rights soon to bugger and destroy children, immediately I was set upon by the loony left human rights anti gun, anti US, anti Israel and anti Christ lobby with a vengeance. Looks like I was right! When I hear the word paedophile a rusty cut throat razor immediately springs to mind. God bless all, we’ve a fight on our hands.

  10. Millstone (cement block) tied to neck …splash…problem solved

  11. If someone handed me a crayon and asked me to draw a picture of pedophile, it would probably resemble this judge’s face. He has a certain look about the eyes and the mouth that I find repellant.
    My cousin worked as a guard in the Sex Crimes unit of the state prison for over 20 years. He said pedophiles have not been successfully rehabilitated regardless of all the psychological techniques. They’re hard-wired for a preference for children…. period.
    This is unlike men who feel tremendous remorse that while drunk they have mad agressive sexual advances an underage person, usually a step-daughter. Their feeling of guilt makes them desperately want to change.
    The true pedophile feels his desires are totally rational and justified and society just too crass to understand his benevolence/
    Myself, I would make pedophilia a capital crime and I’d be happy to flip the switch on the perp.

  12. Good grief, what a bunch of right wing loonies you people are.
    If any of you, particularly the author of this article, had bothered to actually read the judgement then you would see that nothing had changed at all.
    The judgement basically just said that the decisions made in the lower courts were actually unlawful as they did not follow the existing law.
    If you have a problem with the law then try to persuade your senator / MP etc – depending on what country you live in – to get it changed.
    And please, don’t always believe what you read on the internet – even from someone like the Daily Mail

  13. All of the general public should have the right to slay pedophiles by whatever means possible — they should not have rights nor should they have protection from any country law… pedophiles should be allowed to be murdered by law!!


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