Human Planet

Stunning BBC video on the human species.
Click HERE to watch the video on a super-large screen!
H/t my sis-in-law Shireen

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Lilly G
Lilly G
9 years ago

I think that was amazing! Makes you feel really small in such a big wide world. What a magnificent place God has given us charge over! Humanistic or not I still see the Glory of God in His creation. Grateful too that my kids don’t face the dangers some children do. We don’t have to hunt our food if we don’t want to (unless you go to WalMart, then all bets are off!!) 😉

9 years ago

Thanks for posting this wonderful and indeed “stunny” video!
I think that when Hashem/God, the Blessed Creator of All Things created our glorious planet and finally us, He wasn’t thinking about religion.
Thank you God for loving us so much!