Hula Flashmob at 38,000 ft.

On a recent Hawaiian Airlines flight from San Francisco to Honolulu, at 38,000-ft altitude, passengers were surprised by a hula flashmob.
One by one, more than 20 women and men stepped out of their seats to dance hula in the aisles — “Ke Aloha,” a Hawaiian song, followed by “I Left My Heart In San Francisco”.
Although some of the passengers looked (inexplicably) glum during the performance, passengers did give the dancers a big round of applause.

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lowtechgrannie lowtechgrannie
lowtechgrannie lowtechgrannie
9 years ago

My guess on the glum passengers; they’d just been through long waiting lines for the TSA body cavity searches and the dancers were blocking the aisle so the flight attendants were slowed down with the drinks cart. LOL!