Idaho Parents React to Boys Using Girls Bathroom

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When some Idaho parents learned last week that a transgendered student was sharing the same bathroom with their teenage daughter, the news didn’t sit well with them.
Jacob Smith and Pauline Adams approached the Boise school district, concerned for their daughter’s privacy and safety. According to KIVI-TV:
“The Boise School District explains that under federal law, the district is required to provide access to public facilities consistent with the student’s gender identity.”
Smith and Adams told KBOI they are keeping “their daughter out of school until something is changed, or even possibly switch schools.”…

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0 responses to “Idaho Parents React to Boys Using Girls Bathroom

  1. MICHAEL ROBINSON, a linebacker for Oregon State in 1982 made 87 tackles which is above average. In 1983 he decided to become a female, put on a wig and dress and changed his name to Michelle Robinson. Later he married a gay guy Barack Hussein Obama II and became Michelle Obama so is the cause of your daughter having to share a bathroom with a man which could become very dangerous.

  2. All these LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ non-discrimination laws do is favor males who “feel” like females over actual females. Women/girls are denied their right to privacy because a boy is allowed to use their facilities. I haven’t heard of any men/boys complaining about females entering locker rooms and undressing in front of them. I have a feeling that even if there were a confused female who “felt” she were male, I doubt she would undress in the men’s locker room out of fear for her own safety. Restrooms/locker rooms should be used by those with matching genitalia, not based on how you feel.
    Females and children are supposed to be protected, and in today’s society, it is the male who thinks he is female who is protected. It’s all backwards.

  3. I support these parents fully. There should be a restroom for transgendered, period. Letting a male go into the girl’s restroom just because he says he is transgendered is asking for problems. Whose to say, boys will not start using the excuse, just to enter the girl’s RR for the view, a bet, a lark, or an excitement issue?
    Schools folding for this bs is asking for a lawsuit in the making.

    • “There should be a restroom for transgendered, period.”
      Since according to the U.S. government and UCLA’s “gay” think tank, LGBT comprise at most 3% of the population, the fictive “transgenders” must be less than 1%. So how many “transgenders” are there among school-age children, seriously? For them public schools must now spend tax dollars on building and setting aside a special bathroom for them?
      Human gender — like all mammals — are determined by our DNA, specifically our sex chromosomes. Females have XX sex chromosomes; males have XY sex chromosomes. “Transgenders” is a psychological disorder of body dysmorphism (or warped perception of one’s body). We don’t acknowledge and accept anorexics’ dysmorphic perception of their bodies as fat, why do we succumb to and encourage the body dysmorphism of so-called “transgenders”?

    • Glenn47 . . . I am dumbfounded and perplexed; when I read your contribution, I could not agree more (like it’s in the range of 150% agreement) yet I see that 2 “two” previous readers gave it a thumbs down. My question would be–do we really have that many loonies running around that they would question the sanity, or appropriateness of what you have said? It is freighting to think that there are even two readers of this blog who would find any fault with what you have said. Glenn, if I could vote several more times to cancel out their non-nonsensical votes, I surely would. Or, perhaps they don’t see very well. Please don’t take their votes to heart. I heartily agree, there will be some young men who come up with the idea that they can access a great peep show just by saying they “feel like they are female.” Perhaps we should read that as: “they would like to feel a female.”

      • Thank you auntie. Perhaps I didn’t explain my self when I wrote that, but I have to say, exposing and traumatizing several little girls is just too much.. This world is upside down when so few control what so many feel and think.
        To let males into their domain as they themselves are going through so many changes and feelings at their age has to be considered.
        This needs to be nipped in the beginning and when schools finally realized what is going on, maybe they will put an end to it. One can hope.
        I am finding it hard to believe,we are having such an upsurge in people claiming to be trans. What is really happening here.

  4. Actually,that’s already happening. Personally,I believe no matter what gender one “feels” they are,their DNA is the deciding factor,and THAT should be what decides which bathroom they use.

  5. The school systems have been predominately a “liberal propaganda machine” for too many years. As citizens and parents we should take control of our schools. Texas decided NOT to accept all the “bribes” that came with installing “common core” curriculum. Other states have been trying to get rid of common core, but they want to keep the “bribes”. I say, “The money just isn’t worth it”. Find a way, any way you have to, and get rid of it, and start producing more conservative curriculum’s. One of the biggest mistakes America made was to remove ROTC from the High Schools. This was not just a mistake, it was and has been a disaster.
    Any school district can change the school to whatever they want. But it takes parents willing to stand up and fight for it. But this is ONE battle you CAN win “against city hall”.

    • Let me back you up here, Army. Here’s an example of what parents can do: When I was a new teacher, I was assigned to an old room in an ancient school where the air-conditioning hardly ever worked. Here in So. CA, it can get into the 100+ degrees during summer by 9 AM or earlier…and stay that way until long after sunset…Then, in infinite wisdom of various layers of governing officals (local, county, state….) “they decreed ” that we should have “year-round school schedules” to accomodate an increased load of students EVEN IF our particular local school was not experiencing any over-crowding. If we didn’t go onto the “year-round” schedule, we’d lose state money.. …SO there we went, and me with no air-conditioning to speak of….ending one school year in June, one week off, then beginning the next school year July 5. Once, after weeks and weeks of sickening heat and no air….after constant complaining to my administrator, to my district…..after taking my kids into the library to lay on the floor, panting and sick, for a few days….I FINALLY hit my limit. When the poor kids began to “lose it,” I finally said….take out your cell phones and call your parents and tell them what is happening here…tell them to call the district and raise hell……” Do you know…the VERY next day, the air-conditioning unit in my room was fixed.

  6. Kevin J Lankford

    Apparently there is no other option but for the parents themselves to express their disgust by keeping their children at home. It will take mass cooperation to make it understood.
    When federal law does not comport with accepted moral OR legal standards it is the responsibility of the people to resist. Truly, that is the whole purpose of “States Rights” and the tenth amendment.

  7. Go to the restroom that matches one’s physical equipment, ’nuff said…

  8. An easy solution. Put in some put in some outhouses on the school property for those that think they are of the opposite gender.

  9. All in all I think Dr.Eowyn hit is squarely when he said:
    “There is no need for a third bathroom – these individuals are dysmorphic or psychologically disturbed.” Period, end of story.
    I highly recommend E Michael Jones book, “Libido Dominandi” which describes that the further the sexual deviance and permissiveness i.e. sexual liberation, the inevitability of the need for social control. In other words, there is a method to the madness. TPTB promote this extreme excess because it has been scientifically shown that it paves the way for political control and repression.

    • Brilliant observation, Lana!
      That is why numbers 25 & 26 of the 1963 Communist Goals For America are:
      “25. Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures, radio, and TV.
      26. Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural, healthy.”

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  11. Lana, what is “TPTB”?


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