Catholic Church in Crisis: Pedophile cardinal; Pennsylvania priests abused 1k children; homoerotic church service

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Mark Taylor, the Florida fireman who predicted the presidency of Donald John Trump on April 28, 2011, wrote in “All Roads Lead to Rome,” January 25, 2018:

The Spirit of God says, “The Pope and the Vatican…are not furthering my kingdom but are aiding the kingdom of darkness…. This will be the last Pope, for what I the Lord God am about to do. I will expose this Pope and all those under his command for all the corruption he and the Vatican have been involved in for centuries…. This Pope, the Vatican and all its leadership, will come crumbling down. I will pull back the veil to show how deep and dark the deception has been. You whisper in your inner chambers ‘we answer to no one. No one is above us; No one can hold us accountable.’ I the Lord God see it all and the time has come when I will now hold you accountable for your darkness. This exposure will be of such magnitude that the people will say. ‘What do we do now? Where do we go now? We want nothing to do with this. We have no religion now.’ Millions will walk away from their religion, as this will affect other religions as well.”

“The church is facing a crisis that it hasn’t faced perhaps since the Middle Ages,” said Joan Mann Thomas, chair of the parish council at St. Anselm Parish in Ross, California.

Thomas was not exaggerating.

On August 22, 2018, Archbishop Carlo Viganò, former Apostolic Nuncio (the Vatican’s ambassador) to the United States, called for the resignation of Pope Francis for protecting pedophile Cardinal and former Archbishop of Washington, D.C., Theodore McCarrick.

Note: As of January 1, 2019, the Vatican has still not responded to Vigano’s letter. (Source)

McCarrick is but one of the triggers of the Catholic Church in crisis. The subjects of this post, the first of a series of posts on the crisis of the Catholic Church, are:

  1. Cardinal McCarrick.
  2. Pennsylvania pedophile priests.
  3. Homoerotic church service in Germany.

(1) The Pedophile Cardinal

On July 28, 2018, after shielding Cardinal McCarrick, Pope Francis “accepted” the former Archbishop of Washington, DC’s offer to resign from the College of Cardinals, and ordered the cardinal’s suspension from the exercise of any public ministry, pending “accusations made against him are examined in a regular canonical trial.”

Although McCarrick’s pedophilia had been known for some time, Pope Francis  covered up for McCarrick, ignored the sanctions that Pope Benedict XVI had imposed on McCarrick, and even made McCarrick a trusted counselor in U.S. clerical appointments, including the promotion of far-Left bishops such as Blase Cupich of Chicago and Joseph Tobin of Newark to the College of Cardinals. (The Remnant)

Accusations of 88-year-old Cardinal McCarrick’s sexual abuse include:

  • Fondling an 11-year-old boy over 40 years ago when McCarrick was a priest in Manhattan, New York. The victim, now a mature man, says the sexually abusive relationship continued for two more decades. (NY Post)
  • Groping and having sex with seminarians: Six priests of the Archdiocese of Newark said that when then-Archbishop of Newark McCarrick visited the seminary, he “would often place his hand on seminarians while talking with them, or on their thighs while seated near them.” One of the priests said McCarrick “had a type: tall, slim, intelligent – but no smokers” and that McCarrick would invite young men to stay at his house on the shore or spend the night in the cathedral rectory in central Newark. Another priest, who was an aide to New York Cardinal Terence Cooke in the early 1970s, said McCarrick’s “reputation” was already well-established by that time, and that a classmate of McCarrick, the dean of a theology school, knew about the rumors and spoke about them with the other faculty and theologians very openly.” So well-known was McCarrick’s reputation that when he was a “standing joke” that when McCarrick visited the seminary, they had to “hide the handsome ones” before he arrived. Another priest, who worked in close proximity to then-Archbishop McCarrick in the chancery, said “Priests would tell me ‘he’s sleeping with them’ all the time, but I couldn’t believe it – they seemed like perfectly normal guys.” Seminarians and priests from ordination classes spanning 30 years during the terms of McCarrick and his successor, Archbishop John Myers, said there was an active homosexual subculture of priest and seminarians within Newark’s Immaculate Conception Seminary. (Catholic News Agency)
  • The latest (Jan. 2, 2019): A man who says he was sexually abused by Archbishop Theodore McCarrick testified on behalf of a Vatican investigation that he was repeatedly groped and assaulted during confession.

Despite McCarrick’s well-known reputation of groping and “sleeping with” seminarians, the Vatican promoted him to the cardinalate and to archbishop of Washington, DC, in 2001.

On August 31, 2018, Catholic News Service, the news agency of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, published a 2006 letter from then-Archbishop Leonardo Sandri, which confirms that the Vatican had received information in 2000 about the sexual misconduct of McCarrick. Sandri’s letter lends credibility to accusations of a cover-up of McCarrick’s deeds at the highest echelons of the Roman Catholic Church. (New York Post)

Two other cardinals have also be accused of sexual misconduct: Australian Cardinal George Pell, one of Pope Francis’ closest advisers; and Scottish Cardinal Keith O’Brien, who is accused by former seminarians in 2013 of sexual misconduct. Two years after the first revelations came out, Francis accepted O’Brien’s resignation after the Vatican’s top abuse prosecutor conducted a full investigation.

Update: On December 11, 2018 in Australia, Cardinal Pell was convicted by a unanimous jury on all charges he sexually abused two choir boys there in the late ’90s. Pell is the Vatican’s third most powerful official as its finance chief, and is the highest Vatican official to ever go on trial for sex abuse. (Daily Beast)

(2) Pennsylvania Pedophile Priests and the Bishops Who Enabled Them

In 2016, Pennsylvania’s 40th Statewide Grand Jury began an investigation into allegations of child sex crimes by Catholic priests across the dioceses of Harrisburg, Allentown, Pittsburgh, Erie, Scranton and Greensburg. The six dioceses account for 54 of Pennsylvania’s 67 counties.

In June 2018, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled that large portions of the grand jury’s report would be released to the public. But about two dozen current and former clergy named in the report succeeded in blocking its release, claiming it would violate their rights to due process and reputation. On July 27, Pa. Chief Justice Thomas Saylor ordered an interim report be released, with identifying information about those clergy petitioners redacted. (Penn Live)

On August 14, 2018, the 1,356-page, redacted version of the long-awaited grand jury report was released. You can read the report here. Below is a summary of the grand jury’s findings:

  • The grand jury heard the testimony of dozens of witnesses, and subpoenaed and reviewed half a million pages of internal diocesan documents.
  • The grand jury found “credible allegations” against over 300 predator priests, and identified more than 1,000 child victims from the church’s own records. “We believe that the real number — of children whose records were lost, or who were afraid ever to come forward — is in the thousands.
  • Most of the victims were boys; but there were girls too. Some were teens; many were pre-pubescent. Some were manipulated with alcohol or pornography. Some were made to masturbate their assailants, or were groped by them. Some were raped orally, some vaginally, some anally. But all of them were brushed aside, in every part of the state, by church leaders who preferred to protect the abusers and their institution above all.
  • Secrecy: In every diocese, abuse complaints were kept locked up in a “secret archive” because the church’s Code of Canon Law specifically requires the diocese to maintain such an archive.

Every diocese adopted the same strategy on pedophile priests:

  1. Use evasive euphemisms to describe the sexual assaults in diocese documents, e.g., “inappropriate contact” and “boundary issues” instead of  “rape”.
  2. Don’t conduct genuine investigations with properly trained personnel, but assign fellow clergy members to ask inadequate questions and then make credibility determinations about the colleagues with whom they live and work.
  3. Send priests for “evaluation” at church-run, wholly-inadequate psychiatric treatment centers where experts “diagnose” whether the priest was a pedophile based largely on the priest’s “self-reports,” but ignore whether the priest had actually engaged in sexual contact with a child.
  4. When a priest does have to be removed, don’t say why. Instead, tell his parishioners that he is on “sick leave,” or suffering from “nervous exhaustion,” or say nothing at all.
  5. Even if a priest is raping children, keep providing him housing and living expenses.
  6. If a predator’s conduct becomes known to the community, instead of removing him from the priesthood to ensure that no more children will be victimized, transfer him to a new location where no one will know he is a pedophile.
  7. Above all, don’t tell the police. Although child sexual abuse, even short of actual penetration, is a crime, don’t treat it as a crime. Instead, handle it “in house” as a personnel matter.

Some especially egregious cases:

  • In the Diocese of Allentown, confronted about an abuse complaint, a priest admitted, “Please help me. I sexually molested a boy.” But the diocese concluded that “the experience will not necessarily be a horrendous trauma” for the victim, and that the boy’s family should just be given “an opportunity to ventilate.” The priest was left in unrestricted ministry for several more years.
  • In the Diocese of Erie, despite a priest’s admission to assaulting at least a dozen young boys, the bishop wrote to thank him for “all that you have done for God’s people…. The Lord, who sees in private, will reward.”
  • Another priest confessed to anal and oral rape of at least 15 boys, as young as seven years old. The bishop later met with the abuser to commend him as “a person of candor and sincerity,” and to compliment him “for the progress he has made” in controlling his “addiction.” When the abuser was finally removed from the priesthood years later, the bishop ordered the parish not to say why.
  • Another priest, grooming his middle school students for oral sex, taught them how Mary had to “bite off the cord” and “lick” Jesus clean after he was born. The diocese finally removed him from ministry after 15 years and numerous additional reports of abuse.
  • One priest raped a seven-year -old girl while he was visiting her in the hospital after she’d had her tonsils out.
  • Another priest made a nine-year -old give him oral sex, then rinsed out the boy’s mouth with holy water “to purify him.”
  • One boy drank some “juice” at his priest’s house, and woke up the next morning bleeding from his rectum, unable to remember anything from the night before.
  • Another priest, who finally decided to quit after years of child abuse complaints, asked for, and received, a letter of reference for his next job — at Walt Disney World.

Although, because of the church’s coverup, almost every instance of abuse the grand jury found is too old to be prosecuted and many of the priests are dead, “presentments” — written notices that a crime occurred — have been issued against two priests in the Greensburg and Erie dioceses, respectively, who sexually assaulted children within the last decade. There may be more indictments in the future because the grand jury is continuing its investigation.

It is noteworthy that the Catholic Church neither denies nor disputes the veracity of the grand jury report. See the official responses by the Vatican and the US Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Exorcist Fr. Gary Thomas calls the Church’s pedophile priests scandal “demonic” and predicts worse is yet to come.

(3) Priest hosts homoerotic service in church

LifeSiteNews reports, July 23, 2018, that a newly ordained priest, Fr. Fabian Ploneczka, 33, of the Rottenburg-Stuttgart diocese, celebrated his first Mass on Sunday at his home church of St. Moritz in Augsburg, featuring a homoerotic dance.

According to the Augsburger Allgemeine, the worship service included the premiere of a ballet entitled “Jeremiah: Passion of the Prophet”, featuring ballet dancer Clemens Fröhlich of Munich and a narrated libretto written by Ploneczka himself. Observers said the dancer performed dressed only in tight, skin-colored underpants.

According to an account in

The whole church became a dance floor, even the altar area. There the dancer took the Gospel in his hand, stepped almost naked to the ambo, and lolled suggestively in front of the altar.

A young man, naked to his waist, interrupted the service by shouting that everyone should undress. Some of the attendees, among whom were children, left early. Worshipers told the service in a consecrated church was clearly homophile and homoerotic.

Afterwards, Fr. Thomas Steiger of Tübingen, a pastor and radio personality, gave a talk on the “eroticism of the faith,” speaking of “a sensual love for Jesus.”

This series on Catholic Church in Crisis will continue tomorrow.


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46 responses to “Catholic Church in Crisis: Pedophile cardinal; Pennsylvania priests abused 1k children; homoerotic church service

  1. Yes, I suggest that everyone watch the attached video. It seems that Archbishop Vigano is in hiding at the moment and no one knows how to reach him. He is a brave man:

    It is vitally necessary that Francis quit. It is clear to me that he has been installed by the NWO. He needs to go.

    • Once again I agree with You. I, from the very beginning said Francis intentions were not honest, he is a Jesuit and some jesuits if not red, they are pink. I never called him pope but papi Frankie, he is a globalist and his mission has not been the Church but establish in the church the new world order, he must be ousted and the church reinstated for her values, and Peter’s teachings, he and his reformed church pushed Pope Benedict out. Not long ago he declared that the bishops were being targeted, yes, targeted because their uncovered abuses were swept under the rug and covered, this is not the church I grew up in and with. Those pedophile priests must be brought to justice, out of the church and in jails to pay for those they ruined forever..

      • I’ve heard during the conclave when Benedict was elected, that both Benedict & Franky didn’t have enough votes for themselves, and that those behind Franky decided to put their support behind Benedict, on the condition that several years down the road, Benedict will step down in favor of Franky, if Benedict didn’t die of natural causes – or else.

        It’s not hard to imagine what the “or else” was…

  2. This is also instructive:

  3. High time for Pope Francis to resign. This whole mess is SO disgusting!!!

  4. People need to repent from this false religion. Catholicism does not lead to Jesus.

    • There are many sincere Catholics and some participate here on this website. You cannot say that Catholicism does not lead to Jesus when thousands of Catholic saints have found union with him as devoted Catholics. I myself am no longer a Catholic for a variety of reasons, but for any Christian to condemn another Christian who loves and seeks God no matter what the denomination is not a good practice. God looks at the heart, not the head.

  5. This story goes beyond this. “Francis” is involved with
    a pedo ring in Argentina which connects to Rome. Ann has covered this in detail on her site. There are many long posts for those interested.

    There is but ONE Pope. His name is Benedict XVI. Francis is the antipope. Where is a great saint like Katharina of Senia to restore the Seat of Peter? If “Francis” steps down, the next guy will still be an antipope. Don’t believe me? Why does Benedict still have his shepherd’s ring? Why has EVERY new bishop and cardinal gone to see Benedict after their appointments? Simple, in order to have valid priests and the Mass to be valid (the Transtibulation) the Pope must approve the bishops. Pray the Pope will pick up his Cross and act like Peter and RETURN to Rome.

  6. Hutton & Mel Gibson and the rest of the Traditional Catholics were right all along. Looks like Hutton’s website is down.
    Traditio: The Traditional Roman Catholic Network

  7. Over time, for various reasons, the least not being the seminaries, a “culture” has developed and been allowed to promulgate. Many of these gay priests are now bishops. Since they are members of the hierarchy of the Church they are in positions of authority.

    Because they control promotions, etc., they are in a unique position to maintain this structure. Only the Pope and his trusted allies can fix this. I personally believe that’s why we have Francis.

    Cardinal Ratzinger wasn’t the most “popular” or best-looking guy. He was a stellar theologian and dedicated to the Church, however. Now they’ve pushed him out. I know that this pained him. Francis, however, wants everyone to simply embrace this as “normal”.

    He needs to go. Vigano is the real deal. Unfortunately, I don’t know how much support he has among the Cardinals. It’s too bad Mordecai Martin isn’t around any longer. I’d love to hear his take on this. I may have heard it already.

    • I used to like Martin and listen to him on Art Bell years ago before he died. But Martin is not who he presented himself to be. He was another crypto working to undermine the Church.Have you read the Maurice Pinay blog spots Malachi Martin file?

      • Yeah, I read it. I don’t agree with it. I went back and forth on Fr. Martin too. I’m not a “fan”, (as I’ve said, I don’t do ‘hero’). I just like what he wrote in his books and I tried to confirm some of what he said independently and it checked out.

        I think that some of his interviews are more accurate than other people’s interpretations of what he said. He loved the Church. In fact, his main theme is that it will endure, in some form, no matter what. I agree totally with that.

        He did not wish the collapse of the Church. He merely pointed out the obvious truth that She has been under attack since inception. Fairly recently the infiltration has again reached a level where real damage is occurring.

        Satan will not prevail. He has managed to infiltrate elements within the Church, but not ALL the Church. Our “separated brethren” have the same problem. Being the visible representative makes one a rich target.

        Anyway, I went back and forth on Fr. Martin for many years. It isn’t my “style”, but I believe he was a faithful priest. He was very accomplished.

  8. Matthew 16:18 (NIV)
    18 And I tell you that you are Peter,[a] and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades[b] will not overcome it. – JESUS

    Jesus went to Rome and was martyred and his tomb resides under St. Peter’s Basilica, the seat of the Roman Catholic Church.

    And the gates of hell will not overcome it.

    This too shall pass. And the Holy Church will slough-off the dust of these demons as well.

    But they better cut the crap with this “The Name of the Rose” sh*t, before we tag-team them with a wet flip-flop beating.

  9. Well, at least the Pope has his priorities straight…/sarc:

    Pope Welcomes U2’s Bono Months After He Campaigned for Abortion in Ireland

  10. This is long but well worth the read. It is an “eye witness” account, if you will. The die has been cast and we’ll have to wait to see how it turns out:

  11. AHHHHH I am so happy I found FOTM!!!!!!again! It was a link on whatfinger! 😀

  12. “An affidavit recently obtained by INA Today attributes the Catholic Church’s present state of collapse to a calculated attack beginning decades ago, with initial successes appearing in the 1960s.
    The affidavit affirms that Communist Party organizer and high Party official, Bella Dodd, made public statements during the decade of the 1960s declaring that the Catholic priesthood was infiltrated by numerous Communist agents, whose mission was “to destroy the Catholic Church from within.”
    Dodd later returned to the Catholic Church and published a book about her experiences, entitled School of Darkness (out of print at present).
    “In the late 1920’s and 1930’s, directives were sent from Moscow to all Communist Party organizations. In order to destroy the Catholic Church from within, party members were to be planted in seminaries and within diocesan organizations,” Dodd stated according to the affidavit.
    “I, myself, put some 1,200 men in Catholic seminaries,” Dodd publicly declared. ”

    • The Church has been under attack since its formation, over 2,000 years. There is no doubt that destruction of the Church is the “prime directive” of the Jews. If you want to call them Communists, that’s fine with me. The term is almost synonymous.

      While The Church has a lot to be ashamed of owing to this behavior of some of the clergy, it is not the only group with this problem. It is always hard to define the extent of the problem owing to the fact that there IS such an effort to inflate all scandal in the effort to destroy Her.

      It would be impossible to deny that this is a real problem. It will take a major effort to fix it. The Church will continue, make no mistake. Any organization that survives this long is full of grace. That is one of the reasons it is so disgusting when some of the body disgrace Her.

      It is hard to see any serious effort to address this. Each bishop has an obligation. The problem is there are a lot of bishops who are part of the problem. It needs to be rooted out and shone in the light.

  13. Here’s one Chicago priest who’s defying Cardinal Blase Cupich, one of Franky’s favorite cardinals – recommended of course by McCarrick. Both are cut from the same liberation theology cloth.

    Kalchik was abused himself, so he knows better than anybody else how things are in the church.

    The Sun-Times will block the story if you’re not a subscriber, so to get around that – open the link in a “private” window. This little helpful hint comes in quite handy in reading articles hiding behind paywalls.

  14. Time for the millstone tied around the neck and take these bastards swimming!

  15. Not that I am a friend of Frankenpope—whom I believe must resign—but this scandal did not start recently: This goes back, in some areas, to the 1940’s, before Vatican II. Certainly, Pope Paul VI and his cardinals and bishops did a tremendous amount of harm, and this issue was not, to my knowledge, addressed by Pope John Paul II.
    Professor E. Michael Jones also recently raised an objection to the Pennsylvania report, in that those accused priests who are already deceased are not here to defend themselves, and he also raised the issue of impersonator victims looking for a payday. I see his point, but the truth is clear enough at this point: There are many victims and many perpetrators. And the conduct of those particular bishops and cardinals who knowingly covered these abuses—these crimes—up have also committed another grave injustice, one that must not escape us: By keeping lawful legal authorities out of the loop, they effectively set up a parallel system of “justice.” THIS MATTERS: There is another religion which advocates the same thing, under the name of SHARIA LAW. (Even in some Orthodox Jewish communities, the same is done, bringing legal matters before certain rabbis, who go on to block proper reporting to lawful legal authorities). Long Story Short: We live in a SINGLE CIVILIZATION with the Rule of Law—not one “Rule of Law” over here and another over there.

    Truth is, in obstructing justice, certain bishops and cardinals allowed or permitted these atrocities to continue. We see what harm and damage Hillary Clinton has accomplished with her establishment of a parallel State Dept.—with President Obama’s direct and willing aid and approval. This level of corruption proves to be ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE to break. (As an aside, President Trump’s promise to “Drain the Swamp” may prove to be a bridge too far; I certainly hope not).

    As for Mark Taylor, I have listened to him on Alex Jones and Greg Hunter; I listen to most of his podcasts. He proves to be interesting, to say the least. I admire his endurance. But I am loathe to believe that Our Lord spoke to him personally: I have heard of a number of people who claim to have had personal elocutions from Jesus. I do not call them liars or confabulators, I merely hold that their imagination runs away with them, so to speak. Taylor is a good man and he means well, but I take his “personal conversations” with Jesus to be his “literary device” to explain his point. I am adamant on this because I, myself, have had elocutions on a few occasions in life, and I assure you they were not of DIVINE origin. But no matter: God WILL extract Justice, at a time and a place of His Choosing.

    In the meantime, I think we can expect the level of moral dry rot and corruption to accelerate to breakneck speed: It has already infected all of society. I want to see the end of Frankenpope’s Reign of Terror, but that, in and of itself, will not set all aright—not by a long-shot.

  16. Giovanni Boccaccio, the author of The Decameron and other classic Italian Renaissance literature, once remarked –and sure this is the most famous quotation attributed to him– “The Church must be of divine origin to have withstood the government she has had!”

  17. “And I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hell will not overcome it. ” So said, The Lord Jesus Christ! The church will NEVER fall, why… because Jesus promised that. So no need to fear my fellow loyal Catholics and Christians.

  18. Tks to Steven for mentioning that Michael Jones has written a rebuttal. I’m as angry as anyone with these faggots using the clergy and hierarchy as cover.

    As for the report, I haven’t read any of it, however these extraordinarily unbelievable accusations, such as a visiting priest raping a sick little girl after climbing into her hospital bed, for example, or vivid descriptions of genital licking forced on a seven-year-old boy, demand extraordinary proof and therefore a presumption of falsehood in its absence. On the face of it, their including such wildly unbelievable material is OBVIOUSLY intended to convict on the strong emotional revulsion to these supposed acts because there is absence of proof, and regardless of guilt, as well as by association with the many actual cases of priestly abuse.

    Rather than being led by a ring through the nose by a Christ-hating media, I’d be withholding judgement on these accusations and be suspicious of the MOTIVES of the prosecutors and grand jury on the commonsence grounds that, when it comes to value of a collection of testimony, it should be assumed, if nothing else, that it’s a witch hunt on the grounds that “falso in uno, falso in omnia.”

    Let’s also not forget that people believe in the most unbelievable things if it confirms their biases. It was just yesterday in the scheme of things that juries convicted the innocent on the strength of coached testimony of little kids who, for example, claimed they’d been sodomized by their pastor in a small closet where there was also a circus clown, giraffe, and other witnesses present, where the lies were simply waved away as the expected result of trauma and therefore confirming rather than falsifying such patent insanity, which arose not in the minds of little children but was fabricated by (literally) insane, family-hating psychologists.

  19. I made it clear I do not have my head in the sand and accept the depths of perversion among the clergy, but i will not be railroaded into believing the impossible on the strength of emotions or guilt by association.

    Famed attorney Gerry Spence wrote a bestseller about winning every time by waving away unfavorable evidence and argument with appeals to emotion and irrelevant, crackerbarrel storytelling that confirms the jurors’ biases.

    • Actually, your ignoring the Vatican’s and USCCB’s non-denial and acceptance of the PA grand jury report is precisely a display of “waving away unfavorable evidence and argument”. And I do not appreciate your scapegoating my post as “railroading” you. I suggest you undertake an examination of conscience for your scapegoating, hyper-defensiveness, and anger.

  20. I see you got one of those sycophantic, thumb-sucking thumbs up for accusing me of the very defensiveness and anger that characterize you views, not mine. You are way too touchy.

  21. Michael J. Garrison

    My Heavenly Father,
    I know, my Father, that Thou only punishes those on earth Whom You love….but my Father, when shall those whom You hate be punished for their transgressions and iniquities??

    How much longer, Father, before Thy Mighty Hand strikes those who have profited from murder and oppression of Your children??

    For it is written in Jeremiah 5: But this people hath a revolting and rebellious heart: they are revolted and gone (perished).

    Amen, bring it on, Father, that Thou may Glorify Thy Name.

  22. Here I would offer a caution, mark taylor may be sincere, but he seems to be of the neo-gnostic pusher’s latest attempt to infiltrate, that is, the new apostolic reformation cult, (which grew out of the pentecostal & charismatic cults, which are notorious for false prophecy, and occultism.) effectively the newest version gnosticism, as well as being a false prophet, and pusher of kabala divination practices such as “bible codes”. What we’ve seen with trump is the building of a personality cult per usual for those would be “princes” (per Psalms 118:8-9 and 146:3) and other dubious leaders in the past, and you can be sure billary would be doing the same, (After all the clintons and trump are friends, as we see from old photos, and lets not forget this bit: ) One wonders if all the clinton & trump furor and hullabaloo is less about which puppet is right, and more about hegelian dialectic tactics, a polarizing psy-op to get those would-be dissidents to show themselves, and be weeded out, and also making “noise”/a really big stage show that makes it easy to obscure other events of significance.

    As far as popes go, this really isn’t anything new, persay, absolutely antichristian popes have existed in the past, (then there’s the alleged activity that goes on in cloisters, actually being brothels for cardinals etc. per what was said by one “sister charlotte”. Their likely purpose, in light of what has come out about the homosexualists in the vatican etc, could be to sate those who weren’t homosexuals, but party to the conspirators.) like liberius, the arian enabler, john the 12th, the rank deviant, predator and committer of incest, benedict the 9th, etc. and arguably the catholic church/vatican organization itself is based on a gnostic sorceror posing as peter (called simon magus, by some). Not that other church organizations are free from the problems, either, mind you, martin luther was a false prophet, (predicted the end of the world for “no later than” 1600) and was someone who got involved with kabala & alchemy, pentecostalism’s montanism & gnosticism, which seemed to be born from spiritualism (false prophet and false elijah claimant john alexander dowie was also a flat earth promoter, surprise surprise, he is similarly afforded the title of “father of pentecostalism”, charles fox parham was a promoter of anglo-israelism’s false doctrine, as well as others. branhamism later grew out of this same malarkey.) which has lead to a current resurgence of false doctrines including serpent seed & nephilim hybrid (which is gnostic in origin, manichean in part, but also a doctrine of the klan and the white supremacist cults.) among others. Even the baptist denom organization has been responsible for serving as a vehicle/trojan horse for gnosticism from the occult uprisings in germany (rosicrucianism, german freethought, sabbatarianism* etc.) and other craziness from way back. (In case some here don’t know, the 7th day adventist cult learned that malinterpretation of scripture about “sabbath keeping” from the baptist denomination sect called 7th day baptists, they in turn picked it up back in england, and those in england learned it from those in germany, etc.)

    Suffice it to say that organizations of men are rotten, and will tend to become so if they abandon God, regardless of their traditions, structure, and/or whatever name they choose to label themselves with, even churches or priesthoods. (Most readers here know what happened to the israelites when they forsook God, and subsequently were divorced for their perpetuating evil.) what is important is to maintain the Truth of Christ, and to remember, when an organization that calls itself “christian”, whether it’s a youth group or a centuries old church establishment, falls and becomes corrupt, it does not negate that Christ is God, and that He and His gift of Salvation is still Effective, and Advantageous for all.

    Remain steadfast in Christ, folks, the darker the world gets, the more opportunities there are to shine God’s light, after all.

  23. Sounds like most of them need to be treated with a straight razor and visegrips. There is nothing you can do to rehabilitate these abusers of children and power… The Church and Dioceses are guilty of shielding these slimeballs by moving them to other locations where they can repeat the cycle… I am related to a preacher in a holy roller type church who has been arrested for molesting a 9 yer old girl… If he ever crosses my path again he will regret the day he does…

  24. Here’s Cardinal Blase Cupich’s commentary on recent events in the Catholic Church & in the Archdiocese of Chicago, where he removed Fr. Kalchik last weekend from his parish.

    If the link’s behind a paywall, open the link in a PRIVATE window to read the story.

    Oh, never mind – I’ll just copy/paste:

    Commentary: Blase Cupich: The Catholic Church ‘must remain vigilant’ in reporting all abuse

    Blase J. Cupich

    It has been a season of sorrow, pain and outrage for victims of sexual abuse and all who believed that the Catholic Church had definitively addressed this terrible scandal.

    Revelations about Archbishop Theodore McCarrick, whom Pope Francis removed from ministry in July amid sexual abuse allegations, along with the Pennsylvania grand jury report, which detailed hundreds of sexual abuse cases over 70 years, bring home the fact that we face a watershed moment in the history of the Catholic Church. The culture of self-protection, privilege and power that shielded abusers must be eradicated. It reflects a corrupt sense of entitlement without regard for honesty, accountability or, most important, the safety of young people and adults entrusted to our care.

    To begin to heal this wound on the soul of the church, we bishops must commit to facing our own failures — by looking into the faces of the victim-survivors and seeing Christ. The decades of walking away from victim-survivors must come to an end. Walking toward them is the only option — it has always been the only option. My determination to root out this abuse and the corrupt culture that enabled it comes from the experience of sitting face-to-face with victim-survivors, listening to their heart-rending stories and trying to address their profound needs. This is not something that can be accomplished remotely. No, it must be a personal encounter with those who have suffered unimaginably at the hands of those who promised to protect them.

    One of my earliest such encounters came while I was serving as bishop of a largely rural diocese. One day, a man from the area shared his horrific story with me. A priest who had been close to the man’s family, he explained, began sexually abusing him when he was just 9 years old. The abuse continued for years, and during that period this cleric would drive the boy to another town and — in a truly demonic attempt to blame the child for the horrors he was made to suffer — force him to confess his “sins” to another priest.

    I immediately notified local law enforcement, removed him from ministry and petitioned the Vatican to begin the process that would dismiss him from the clerical state, which would happen shortly thereafter. At the victim-survivor’s request, I set up a meeting between the abuser and him. The priest did not deny the allegations. After that meeting, I visited the parish where the abuse took place. I explained to the congregation that one of their former priests had sexually abused one of the children of the parish, publicly invited other victims to come forward and removed the photo of the abuser from the church vestibule.

    I have been thinking of that victim-survivor as I see the expressions of offense taken by those hurt by what I said in interviews in late August. It was a mistake for me to even mention that the church has a bigger agenda than responding to the charges in the letter by former papal nuncio Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano. What I should have said, because it has been my conviction throughout my ministry, is that nothing is more important for the church than protecting young people. I apologize for the offense caused by my comments. It pains me deeply to think that my poor choice of words may have added to the suffering of victim-survivors. For they, like that man who trusted me enough to share his story, deserve our admiration for calling us to purge the church of this evil.

    And purge it we must. For listening to the victim-survivors before us is necessary but not sufficient to our cause. Such encounters must lead to action — to a change of hearts, to an improvement of policies and to a reform of a culture that brought about this tragedy.

    While the Archdiocese of Chicago began decades ago to implement policies to prevent and address sexual abuse, we must remain vigilant. To move forward as a church, we must establish a new standard of accountability and chart a fresh path for reconciliation. To those ends, I commit the archdiocese to the following steps.

    • When church leaders, including bishops, fail in their sacred duty to protect those entrusted to their care, we will press for their removal from ministry.

    • We will continue our long practice of reporting all abuse, past and present, to civil authorities.

    • We have begun reviewing records of members of religious orders who are residing in the archdiocese. We will make necessary changes to our process of review when a religious order notifies us that one of their members has moved into the archdiocese.

    • We will continue to listen to those victim-survivors, actively seeking their input as we work to build a model of authentic healing based on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

    • As we have in the past, we will engage outside independent experts to review our history, records and policies to help us build up a culture of healing and accountability.

    This is our true compass: to see the face of Christ in victim-survivors. To keep them front and center in all we do to address this scandal. This is the only way to inform our reforms, to demonstrate that all who come through our doors are safe, protected by a church that reflects, always and everywhere, God’s own love for his children.

    Cardinal Blase J. Cupich is archbishop of Chicago.

  25. Here’s an update on Fr. Kalchik, and fundraising efforts in his name.

    GoFundMe shut down accounts for him after 5 days, so Church Militant, which is spearheading efforts to help him financially, set up donations on, and have been even more successful.

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