What kindness can do: Before and after pics of rescue dogs

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14 responses to “What kindness can do: Before and after pics of rescue dogs

  1. Can’t stand to see the before pictures. Absolutely breaks my heart. God Bless the kind people who rescued these babies.

  2. When I see pictures of dogs who have been so severely neglected–I cannot even imagine how depraved the owners must be. I have little doubt that when facing the Judgement Bar, those who have so severely offended these animals, who are without guile, will be severely judged.

  3. Wow! ♥

  4. Some humans can be so cruel .. and yet, others can be so kind and caring. What causes this difference? Upbringing or social conditioning?

    • Whatever the “cause,” it doesn’t and cannot 100%-explain these cruel people’s abuse of God’s “creatures without sin”. Each human being has a conscience and free will, which is why we have laws to hold evil-doers accountable.

  5. It is difficult to see the “before” pictures. God bless the rescuers and those who nurse these precious animals back to health, as well as, those who adopt them.

  6. If you can’t handle a pet—care for it, feed it and walk it, etc., etc.—don’t get one. I live in a rented room, and it’s big enough for one cat. But as I’m out every day working for ten hours or more, it wouldn’t be fair to the cat. If I ever get to work from home or retire, then I can tend to one.

    At any rate, it’s good to see that some people do care enough to get a rescued dog. They’re usually a good deal. And something has to be done about elephant poaching, also; Elephant rescue is something he has donated money to and talked about on his show.

    Perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind is this, that if someone is cruel enough to neglect a dog to the extent these before photos show, it’s fair to ask if they would be that bad to people, too. This is a serious matter. We may eat animals. We may, under certain circumstances, hunt them. We may raise them for fur—but there’s a lot of cruelty in that industry, also, and that has to be investigated. But we must never abuse them. Animal abuse is a felony in many states, and I hope the abusers get what they deserve.

    • P.S.: I meant to mention that talk show host Michael Savage made elephant rescue a cause he has donated to. (Thought I typed it in…)

  7. Many people do not DESERVE the loyalty, and love their pets are so generous in giving.

  8. What an amazing recovery these Dogs have made!!! Seeing the before pictures absolutely tears me up-I’m not sure there IS a punishment severe enough for people who would abuse these beautiful creatures in this manner. There is NO possible excuse for this. If any of us was to actually meet someone who caused this degree of suffering,I believe it would take INCREDIBLE resolve to resist inflicting an equal degree of suffering on that person,but we have to trust that God will handle that FOR us….

  9. He prayeth best who loveth best
    All things both great and small;
    For the dear God who loveth us,
    He made and loveth all.

    S. T. Coleridge


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