The Trump Curse: Kathy Griffin is turning into a gargoyle before our eyes

Mon, 06 Aug 2018 15:32:21 +0000


You’ve heard of the Mummy’s Curse — the myth that opening up an Egyptian mummy’s tomb, especially that of a Pharaoh, will lead to bad luck, illness or death.

This is the Trump Curse: Those who publicly threaten President Trump, a duly-elected POTUS, will have their comeuppance.

In the case of unfunny comedienne Kathy Griffin who, in May 2017, held up a mock-up of President Trump’s bloody severed head, she is transforming before our eyes into a gargoyle.


While 57-year-old Griffin was never a beauty, her physical transformation in the space of just one year cannot be explained by ageing. It’s her outer appearance finally catching up with her inner ugliness.

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1 year ago

Next in line for a free trip to Mars, we’ll know she’s going, don’t know when she’ll be coming back!