Breitbart Takes Down Yet Another Hollywood Pedophile

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Another one bites the dust…

BREITBART: Actor Michael Ian Black’s Tweets About Child Molestation

Michael Ian Black – photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for TBS

by Joshua Caplan – 21 Jul 2018

A series of old tweets by actor-comedian Michael Ian Black about child molestation are raising eyebrows after Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn was fired Friday from Disney for similar jokes making light of pedophilia.

Black’s controversial tweets are filled with sexual innuendos about children, including so-called jokes about having sleepovers with young girls and having “quick” intercourse with a baby

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Please note, this actor-comedian is also an author…
of children’s books.

Children’s books:

  • Chicken Cheeks (2009)
  • The Purple Kangaroo (2009)
  • A Pig Parade Is a Terrible Idea (2011)
  • I’m Bored (2012)
  • Naked! (2014)
  • Cock-a-Doodle-Doo-Bop! (2015)
  • A Child’s First Book of Trump (2016) ISBN 978-1481488006
  • I’m Sad (2018)

So now we have this actor-comedian-author putting his written influence into your children’s bedrooms.

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