Gang of blacks knock down, kick elderly white man near police station in socialist utopia of Berkeley

Thu, 19 Jul 2018 19:40:17 +0000



Although the assault took place nearly two weeks ago, Berkeley Police Department waited 12 days before they finally informed the public about the horrific crime.

Yesterday, BPD asked for the public’s help to identify the suspects — a group of 6 to 8 black males in their teens or early 20s who, on July 6 at around 3:30 a.m., viciously attacked a 72-year-old man in downtown Berkeley, in front of the Rainbow Ranch Cafe on Martin Luther King Jr. Way, between University Avenue and Addison Street.

The pack of feral savages approached the elderly man from behind, knocked him to the ground and took turns kicking him in the head, while he laid on the ground, not moving.

The perps then took off in a vehicle that BPD says may be a silver or white minivan, possibly a Nissan Quest.

The victim struggles to get up, as multiple vehicles can be seen driving past the man. He finally managed to stand up by holding onto the bars of the cafe’s iron gate.

This video of the attack is graphic, and painful to watch:

The attackers were brazen. As you can see in the Google Map image below, the attack took place just across the street from the Berkeley Police Department.

The assault was not a robbery. Although the victim appears to be white, BPD refuses to call the assault a hate crime.

The victim was treated at a hospital for his injuries and has since been released.

Anyone with information about the case is asked to call the BPD’s Homicide Unit at 510-981-5741.

Source: Berkeley Patch


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Brian Heinz
Brian Heinz
1 year ago

This is just another example of what the last administration incited the public to do with their social standards. They divided this country and set us back on race relationship by more than 50yrs. They must be so proud of themselves and are now watching the fruits of their work now. The destruction of this nation as we know it.

I blame the last POTUS for most of this and his administration with their daily display of racism on a national stage for all to see.