Organizations that advocate pedophilia/pederasty

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  1. IPCE (formerly International Pedophile and Child Emancipation, changed its name in 1998 to disassociate with the full name). Founded in the early 1990s; in 2005, it had 79 members in 20 countries.[1][2][3] The organization is active and has websites available in English,[4] French,[5] German,[6] and Spanish.[7]


  1. Australian Man/Boy Love Association (AMBLA).[8]
  2. Australian Paedophile Support Group (APSG). Founded in 1980 or 1983; succeeded by the Boy Lovers and Zucchini Eaters (BLAZE), which was dismantled by police.[9]


  1. Dokumentatiedienst Pedofilie.[10]
  2. Centre de recherche et d’information sur l’enfance et la sexualité (fr), 19821986. Founded by Philippe Charpentier. The group published the magazine L’Espoir.[11]
  3. Fach Und Selbsthilfegruppe Paedophilie. Founded in the early 1970s.[10]
  4. Stiekum.[10]
  5. Studiegroep Pedofilie.[10] Defunct.


  1. Coalition Pédophile Québécois.[8]
  2. Fondation Nouvelle. Defunct.[1]


  1. Danish Pedophile Association (DPA), 19852004. One of the most important pedophile associations in Europe.[10][12]


  1. Groupe de Recherche pour une Enfance Différente (GRED), 19791987. The group published the bulletin Le Petit Gredin (The Little Rogue).[10]


  1. AG-Pädo. Founded in 1991 by the association Arbeitsgruppe des Bundesverbandes Homosexualität.[8][13]
  2. Aktion Freis Leben (AFL).[8]
  3. Arbeitskreis Päderastie-Pädophilie (APF). Active in the early 1980s.[10]
  4. Arbeitsgemeinschaft Humane Sexualität (de) (AHS).
  5. Arbeitsgemeinschaft “Schwule, Päderasten und Transsexuelle” (“Working group ‘gays, pederasts and transsexuals’”). Faction of the leftist German Green Party involved in pro-pedophile activism.[14][15][16][17] See de:Pädophilie-Debatte (Bündnis 90/Die Grünen) (“Pedophilia Debate (Alliance ’90/The Greens”).
  6. Deutsche Studien- und Arbeitsgemeinschaft Pädophilie (DSAP). 19791983.[8]
  7. Fach und Selbsthilfegruppe Paedophilie.[8]
  8. Indianerkommune. Active from the 1970s through the mid-1980s.[10] Self-defined as children’s liberation commune, strongly identifying as pedophile, active late 1970s to late 1980s; according to some authors there are several independent local groups active in Germany today.[18]
  9. Kanalratten. Offshoot of the Indianerkommune for female pedophiles.[19]
  10. Kinderfrühling.[20]
  11. Krumme 13 (K13), 19932003.[21][22]
  12. Pädoguppe, Rat und Tat-Zentrum.[8]
  13. Pädophile Selbsthilfe- und Emanzipationsgruppe München (SHG).[23] Founded in 1979.[24] Starting in 2003, police began raiding its members, resulting in more than half a million items of child pornography seized and multiple arrests.[25]
  14. Verein für sexuelle Gleichberechtigung. Founded in Munich. 19731988[26]


  1. Gruppo P. Founded in 1989 by Francesco Vallini.[27] Vallini spent three years in prison for running a criminal association. Despite this, the well-established gay magazine Babilonia continues to employ Vallini, and to support his ideas, although Gruppo P as such may be no more. The group published the bulletin Corriere del pedofili.[28]


  1. Enclave Kring. Founded in the 1950s by the psychologist Frits Bernard.[29]
  2. Jon. Founded in 1979 by the Dutch Society for Sexual Reform.[8]
  3. Party for Neighbourly Love, Freedom, and Diversity, 20062008. Dutch political party that advocated lowering the legal age of consent to 12 years old and legalizing child pornography.[30]
  4. Vereniging Martijn. Founded in 1982. The most important pedophile association in Europe. On June 27, 2012, a Dutch court ruled that the group was illegal and ordered it to disband immediately,[31] but the decision was overturned by a higher court in April 2013, the justification being that the club did not commit crimes and had the right of freedom of association.[32] The group publishes the bulletin OK Magazine.[33]
  5. Werkgruppe Pedophilie.[34]


  1. Norwegian Pedophile Group.[34]
  2. Amnesty for Child Sexuality.[34]


  1. Schweizerische Arbeitsgemeinschaft Pädophile.[10]


  1. Pedofila Arbetsgruppen. Defunct. [35]

United Kingdom

  1. Paedophile Action for Liberation (PAL), 1974, merged with PIE in 1975.[10]
  2. Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE), 19741984. It was affiliated to the National Council for Civil Liberties (now known as Liberty) from 1978 to 1983 when it merged with PAL.[36] PIE published the magazines MagpieUnderstanding Paedophilia and Childhood Rights.[10][37]

United States

  1. Childhood Sensuality Circle (CSC). Founded in 1971 in San Diego (California) by a student of psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich.[10]
  2. North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA). 1978–present. In 1997, NAMBLA was the largest group in the international pedophile activist organization IPCE.[6] Since then, the organization has dwindled to only a handful of people, with many members joining online pedophile networks such as DanPedo, BoyChat, and Annabelleigh.
  3. Pedophile Information Society.[40]
  4. Project Truth. One of the organizations which was expelled from ILGA in 1994 as a pedophile organization.[3] Defunct.
  5. René Guyon Society. Its slogan: “sex before eight, or it’s too late”.[34]
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