The devolution of feminism: Raise the skirt to expose your vulva!

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The Left is all about identity politics — defining yourself not as an American, but by your race (except if you’re white), ethnicity (except if you’re Anglo-American-European), gender (except if you’re a white male), or sexual orientation (except if you’re a heterosexual).

Straight people and whites, especially white males, aren’t entitled to their “identity.” If they claim those identities, the Left call them hetero bigots, Nazis, racists, and misogynists.

Feminists have gone from identity politics to vagina politics — a peculiar obsession with the female genitalia, a symbol of which is the pink pussy/vagina hat.

There are even vulva-watching work shops where women would inspect each other’s vagina. I kid you not.

Yesterday, I came across this tweet from someone named Lewis Penn, which has gone viral:

But Penn doesn’t have a source for the pic, which is always a suspicious sign.

So I went looking on the net for the source of the pic, and found that it is one of the images in artist Nicola Canavan‘s “Raising the Skirt” series of portraits.

Canavan told Snopes the image of the screaming-women–in-a-circle-exposing-their-vulvas is one of her “Raising the Skirts” images. There are other disgusting images of naked women exposing their vulvas on Raising the Skirts‘ website which I cannot post here because Canavan has copyright claims over the images. Click here.

Below is how Raising the Skirt describes itself on its “About” page. To avoid confusion, note that the pronouns “their” and “they” really mean “her” and “she”. Also note the psycho-babble mumbo-jumbo:

RAISING THE SKIRT was created in 2014, through Live Art Development Agencies DIY programme, it is a multilayered collaborative arts project which explores ways in which we can re-establish a connection with the wild and with natural laws to find a deeper connection with our body. Raising the Skirt highlights questions around gender, body politics and continues to develop research on the anthropological body, exploring ways that social, cultural and political dynamics are shaping the perception and understanding of the human body and how these interactions are interpreted through social engagement.

Raising the Skirt has followed the personal narrative of Nicola Hunter, and was triggered by a deeply personal place of overcoming judgement that was placed their [her] own queer body. Hunter began the project by researching the historical links between the vulva and power in hope to develop a deeper connection to their [her] own body, and more specifically their [her] vulva, which is where they [she] came across the history of Raising the Skirt.

Note: Nicola Canavan and Nicola Hunter appear to be the same person — a lesbian (“queer”) “performance artist”. Her website, with some very disturbing images of herself, says:

Anasyrma, anasyrmos, ana-suromai or anlu, raising the skirt is the gesture of lifting the skirt or kilt. It is used in connection with certain religious & spiritual rituals, shamanic practices, and in some folklore there is an element of playfulness. Anasyrma is effectively “the exposing of the genitals”, which often has more of a direct link to the vulva. The act of lifting up one’s skirt to display the genitals can be an apotropaic device; it can, in circumstances of war, evoke the fear of the enemy. It can also be an act that evokes surprise and subsequent laughter and a letting go of sadness. What is significant about anasyrma is that it reflects the numinous quality of the  genitals. In several cultures, there is a myth of anasyrma used for emotional healing.

The act of lifting the skirt has been translated across cultures and geographies. It was known as Anasyrma or Ana-Suromai in ancient Greece, Anlu in Kom communities and many more. A flash of the genitals has been known to calm forces of nature; in Madras India, the act was known to subdue storms by locals exposing their genitalia. In other folklore people could drive away devils, evil spirits and even invading warriors.

After a period investigating their own identity and developing a greater understanding of socio-cultural body, the project has developed into a much wider conversation on gender politics. Raising the Skirt is working to evoke these narratives by using a deep placed wild and somatic drive to reclaim the genitals and the queer body as a powerful tool in assertion.

‘Raising the Skirt’ began as a three-day workshop funded by Live Arts Development Agency and was documented by Dawn Felicia Knox, each workshop is a deeply intimate space and created for an authentic experience. The first two workshops focused on biological function, menstruation and socio-cultural experiences of the vulva, they were designed for cis/queer women & queer and gender fluid people who have biologically functioning vagina and vulva’s [sic].


I’m confused:

  • Why would women have to “reclaim” their genitals? Reclaim their genitals from whom? Did someone take their genitals away?
  • And why would exposing the vulva be “empowering” or “emotionally healing” or “evoke fear in one’s enemy”?

Liberalism truly is a mental disorder, which is an understatement.


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6 responses to “The devolution of feminism: Raise the skirt to expose your vulva!

  1. In reality, what they are doing is writing, producing, and starring in Trump’s campaign commercials for 2018 and beyond.

  2. Uh….., apparently there is an undertone of “oppression” here? What are they, is “she” saying……., precisely? Do men enter into this equation (metaphorically, of course).

    So many “oppressed”, so little time. Good thing its “Suicide Prevention Week”. Maybe its time for people to be less self-absorbed. Maybe some people aren’t wracked with angst over their vaginas? Maybe some people just want to get on with the business of living.

    For some, many cultural issues were solved centuries ago. Why is it necessary to reinvent them? Why are so many so dissatisfied? What is it they want?

    I don’t see a good outcome for all of this. There simply isn’t enough room for so many self-involved people. If society is just a bunch of self-involved individuals do we really have a society? Don’t we owe each other a certain amount of native respect?

    I think this is what happens when you strip all faith from the equation and tell people that they are on their own. They are rudderless in a sea of vileness. If they survive this regression to the jungle the only thing left will be regression to the womb. Maybe that’s what this is about.

  3. That face you make after cashing in that group groupon for a Brazilian wax.

  4. Screaming with it is one thing, but can she yodel?

  5. Wait I thought you needed the wear a trench coat to do that.

  6. Hey, young rich guys, we’re the women you Dream About, drop by and propose marriage and your life will be changed forever!


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