MAGA protesters at Red Hen restaurant

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The Alternative or Alt Right are a new political force that came to maturity with the 2016 election of President Trump. They differ from traditional Conservatives in their vocal American nationalism and in their refusal to be passive wimps.

See “Alt-Right: a new American political movement

By that definition, the protesters at The Red Hen Restaurant in Lexington, VA on Tuesday, June 26, are members of the Alt-Right.

On the night of June 23, Red Hen’s co-owner Stephanie Wilkinson booted out White House press secretary Sarah Sanders and her in-laws simply because Sanders works for President Trump.

Among the dozens of protesters yesterday were a sprinkling of Leftists who came to support The Red Hen, i.e., who approve of kicking out a woman simply because she works for a Republican President. One of them is this witchy looking woman.

There was only one arrest at the protest — of a man who dumped a bucket of manure before the restaurant. LOL

Here’s an on-scene report by WDBJ Channel 7. The video captured Stephanie Wilkinson walking to her car, beginning at the 1:35 mark.

[wpvideo Zmm8Np4v]

H/t FOTM reader CSM

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