Animals love, grieve, and have empathy

Sat, 12 May 2018 12:47:38 +0000


With the ubiquity of cameras and especially cell-phone cameras, we no longer need to solely rely on scientists to tell us about animals.

We can see with our own eyes — that animals not only love, but they grieve; some display the empathy and altruism that too many humans lack; and they even have a sense of right and wrong, of justice and fairness (see “Animals can tell right from wrong“).

[wpvideo U2vbJ16v]

Swallows are monogamous. Below are the heartbreaking pics of a swallow mourning the death of its mate.

A turtle in Taiwan’s Taipei Zoo displays empathy and altruism by coming too the aid of another, completely helpless turtle that (some human?) had flipped onto its back.

H/t Kelleigh


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