Chef charges whites $18 more than blacks for same plate of food

Wed, 21 Mar 2018 16:53:35 +0000


Bet reports, March 19, 2018, that a Nigerian chef in New Orleans charges his white customers more than twice as much as blacks for a single lunch plate at his pop-up restaurant, Saartj, in the city’s the Roux Carre market.

According to his website, each day chef Tunde Wey offers a single lunch plate with two pricing options:

  • $12 for Black people
  • A “suggested” price of $30 for white people.

Wey says it’s a “social experiment” to bring awareness to racial wealth disparity, and the different pricing “represents the wage disparity between Black and white households in New Orleans.”

According to the left-wing Urban Institute, the median annual income of black  households in New Orleans is $25,806 in New Orleans, compared to $64,377 for white households.

Some white patrons of Wey’s Nigerian-food pop-up restaurant decided to cancel their lunch order. Others, including some blacks, were willing to pay the extra fee after hearing the reasoning behind the 2.5x pricing difference. Wey, however, refused to accept offers from blacks to pay more.

Allegedly, Wey took the net profit ($18) collected from sales to white people and  “redistributed” the money to “customers of color,” totaling about $75 per person.

If this were a white chef charging black customers more, there would be unending cries of “RACISM!” and law suits up his wazoo.

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Brian Heinz
Brian Heinz
1 year ago

After the past 8 yrs of the last administration, we have seen a lot of problems that have arisen from his social experiments into the racism he thought would bring on a civil war but didn’t happen. Double Standard is the term I think he meant to instill in folks to kick this off one side says ok we can get away with it the other side cries foul that they can not get this advantage and the hate grows. And the media just stirs it up oops, I mean the weaponized left hand of the demorat party. Until people… Read more »