The curious case of Parkland school shooting student survivor Emma Gonzalez

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After the February 14, 2018 mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, two student “survivors” — Emma Gonzalez and David Hogg — were interviewed on CNN, demanding gun control and trashing President Trump and the NRA.

Note that at the 0:14 mark in the video, the CNN anchor woman clearly identified both Gonzalez and Hogg as Douglas High students:

Two of those students who [sic] you’ll recognize join us now, Emma Gonzalez and David Hogg.”

Throughout the interview with CNN, Gonzalez repeatedly identified as a student.

At the 2:35 mark, Gonzalez said:

“I do want to reiterate the FBI were some of the amazing first responders who were helping us get to safety.”

In response to the anchor’s question of whether they’ve been invited to President Trump’s listening session with “students,” Gonzalez said (3:03 mark):

“Um, I believe we’ve been invited but neither of us is going. We have a preset town hall meeting that we’ll be attending.”

Gonzalez calls politicians who accept “blood money” from the NRA as being “funded by killers” and “against the children” and “against the people who are dying”. She describes herself as “standing with the children” who “have no money” and just like the children, “We don’t have jobs, so we can’t pay for your [politicians’] campaign.”

At the 5:45 mark, the anchor asks:

“Hey guys, are you gonna be able to go back to school this week or next week? Are you going to go back into the building where this happened?”

With a deep sigh, Gonzalez says:

“Well, first of all, the freshmen building is being torn down. But the rest of the school is staying up and, as soon as we can, we are going to go back into the school, as soon as they say school is on Monday, I’m going to be there I’m pretty sure, unless I have interviews or somewhere to be, we are going to be at school with the people who need us. We need to stand with our peers.

But an IT specialist named Dan Cromer (via James Fetzer) claims to have discovered two stunning things about Emma Gonzalez:

  1. Emma Gonzalez is David Hogg’s cousin.
  2. Instead of being a high school student, Emma Gonzalez is a professional actress who had graduated from NYU.

The problem is Dan Cromer does not provide sources, embedded or otherwise, with which we can verify his explosive claims.

Below is my effort to independently verify Cromer’s assertions.

(1) Is Emma Gonzalez the cousin of David Hogg?

To begin, David Hogg’s father, said by David to be a former FBI agent, is Kevin Hogg.

A search on the paid-subscription people search engine TruthFinder for “Kevin Hogg, Parkland, Florida” yielded this — that Kevin Ralph Hogg, age 51, who lives in Parkland, FL, has a relative named Katherine J. Gonzalez, age 52.

Kevin Ralph Hogg‘s profile on TruthFinder says that his wife is Rebecca Boldrick and that in 2014, he moved from Torrance, CA (4 miles from Redondo Beach, CA) to Parkland, FL.

Recall that David Hogg had graduated from Redondo Beach High School. Rebecca Boldrick has a family picture on her Facebook page — of David Hogg, Rebecca, David’s sister Lauren, and Kevin Hogg (see below). Rebecca is a proud supporter of the Planned Parenthood abortion mill.

I think we can confidently conclude that Kevin Ralph Hogg is the father of David Hogg.

According to TruthFinder, the birth name of Katherine J. Gonzalez (who lives in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA) is Katherine J. Hogg, which suggests she and Kevin Hogg are siblings.

Kevin Hogg and Katherine Gonzalez (née Hogg) share two relatives: Dorothy J. Hogg, age 83, and Robert L. Hogg, age 84, who both live in Mission Viejo, CA.

Robert L. Hogg’s timeline has the births of three children:

  • Robert Hogg in March 1957.
  • Katherine Gonzalez in May 1965.
  • Kevin Ralph Hogg in February 1967.

From this, it’s safe to say that Kevin Hogg and Katherine Gonzalez are siblings, which means their respective offsprings are cousins.

Kathy Gonzalez has a Facebook page.

Kathy Gonzalez

Among her Facebook friends are Dorothy Hogg, Kevin Hogg, Rebecca Boldrick, and David Hogg. Among the photos on Kathy Gonzalez’s Facebook page is a pic of young David Hogg with his grandmother (Dorothy Hogg) in 2008:

Kathy also has a pic of her son, Vincent Gonzalez, with grandma Dorothy in 2012. That means Vincent Gonzalez is David Hogg’s cousin.

However, there is no trace of any Emma or Emma Gonzalez in Kathy Gonzalez’s Facebook page — not a photo; not among any of Kathy’s 50 Facebook friends. Nor is Emma Gonzalez a family member of Katherine Gonzalez, Kevin Hogg, or Dorothy Hogg, according to their profiles on TruthFinder.

Dan Cromer does not provide any evidence that Emma Gonzalez is the daughter of Katherine Gonzalez — and therefore the cousin of David Hogg. All Cromer did is to put up a pic of Emma Gonzalez (see below), with the comment, “Emma is clearly a Hogg” — referring probably to the pic (above) of Vincent Gonzalez ( son of Kathy Gonzalez) with grandma Dorothy.

My conclusion, therefore, is that we don’t have evidence that Emma Gonzalez is David Hogg’s cousin.

(2) Is Emma Gonzalez a post-high school professional actress?

Another angle to explore is whether Emma Gonzalez is a student at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

Dan Cromer claims she had graduated from a California high school and from New York University, and is a professional actress and writer.

Cromer refers to the profile of an Emma Gonzalez on IMDb, which says:

“Emma Gonzalez is a writer and actress, known for Eat Our Feelings (2014), Happy One Month (2014) and Happy One Month (2016).”

Eat Our Feelings is an online cooking show/sitcom, starring Emma Jane Gonzalez and Sasha Winters. Here’s an episode:

Does Parkland Emma Gonzalez sound like “Eat Our Feelings” Emma Gonzalez?

To me, not so much.

Below are pics of Parkland school Emma Gonzalez from a CNN video (far left) and Dan Cromer (far right), and screenshots of actress Emma Jane Gonzalez (EJG) taken from her online video, of Eat Our Feelings. The video is published online and therefore, in the public domain. That, in turn, means that the publishing of screenshots from the video is NOT a violation of EJG’s privacy.

↓Click image to enlarge↓

Below is a side-by-side comparison of profile views of actress Emma Jane Gonzalez and student Emma Gonzalez:

Emma Jane Gonzalez v. Emma Gonzalez

From the pictures above, I do not believe Parkland Emma Gonzalez (EG) and actress Emma Jane Gonzalez (EJG) are the same person:

  1. The ears are different.
  2. The chins are different: EJG has a receding chin; EG has a pointy chin.
  3. The ear lobes are different: EG appears to have longer ear lobes.
  4. The hairlines are different: EJG has a lower hairline.

Our obligation, always, is to the truth. Skeptics of the official narrative on the Parkland school shooting must be scrupulous in our assertions and counter-evidence. To do otherwise would be self-defeating and give ammunition to our opponents.

UPDATE (March 19, 2018):

On March 18, CBS 60 Minutes interviewed Emma Gonzalez, who was accompanied by her parents. Her mother is named Beth, but 60 Minutes did not say what Emma’s father’s name is. Here’s a screenshot I took from the 60 Minutes video:

Emma Gonzalez and parents, Beth

As you can see, Emma’s mother, Beth, doesn’t look anything like Katherine Gonzalez.

Update (March 26, 2018):

On March 22, a tip from a reader of FOTM alerted me to a photo of an actress named Emma Jane Gonzalez, posted to an online actor-services website, Now Casting.

On its website, Now Casting Inc. , which is based in Burbank, California, describes itself as “a premier online casting database used by industry professionals all over the globe,” which provides “services for the entire entertainment industry” and has “sent hundreds of thousands of auditions to casting directors, network executives, studio executives, producers”. The website’s services include:

  • Online auditions.
  • Posting a casting notice.
  • Free registration for actors to post their profiles.
  • Resources for actors, incl. a photographers gallery, classes, training and more.
  • A “Search” page to find actors, agencies, casting directors, management companies, photographers, actor resources, and monologues (by actors).

If you click “actors,” you’ll be taken to an “Actor Search” page, which says:

There are 361006 actors currently in our Now Casting database. All of them can be found with a name search. Please note they are still filling in their resume and other information. As that is completed, the more detailed searches will return a better result.

To find an actor, just type in his or her name in the box.

I did just that, typing “Emma” (first name) and “Gonzalez” (last name), which brought me to this page. Below is a screenshot I took of the page, in case the website takes down Gonzalez’s entry. I painted the red arrow pointing to the date (3/22/2018) and time (7:22 AM) when I took the screenshot.

↓Click image to enlarge↓

Emma Gonzalez on Now Casting

The similarities between the Emma Jane Gonzalez (EJG) in the Now Casting photo with Parkland student Emma Gonzalez (EG) are striking, especially the similar pointy chins, as you can see for yourself below:

Emma Jane Gonzalez on Now Casting

The EJG of Now Casting also does not resemble the EJG in the 2014 Eat Our Feelings video — unless EJG had had a chin implant since 2014.

I addressed the striking resemblance of the purported photo of EJG on Now Casting with Parkland student EG in my post of March 22, 2018, “Emma Gonzalez, Parkland school student, is a professional actress?,” which is now removed.

On March 25, FOTM received communication from Florrie Funk, who claims to be the mother of actress Emma Jane Gonzalez. Ms. Funk unequivocally states her daughter is neither a crisis actor nor Parkland student Emma Gonzalez.

I have verified that Ms. Funk indeed has a family member named Emma Jane Gonzalez, 31. I now believe that the purported photo of “Emma Jane Gonzalez” on Now Casting may be bogus. It may even be a photo of student Emma Gonzalez before she shaved her head, which someone uploaded to Now Casting for the express purpose of sowing confusion.

Fellowship of the Minds sincerely apologizes to Ms. Florrie Funk and actress Emma Jane Gonzalez for any hurt and inconvenience. Please know that our previous speculation that actress Emma Jane Gonzalez is student Emma Gonzalez was not undertaken with malice. We were misled by Emma Jane Gonzalez’s photo on Now Casting. I humbly suggest that Ms. Funk and Ms. Emma Jane Gonzalez pursue this matter with Now Casting.

Update (March 28, 2018):

I just discovered that, according to TruthFinder‘s background report on Florrie Funk, 64, she had lived in Parkland, Florida, from 1994-2003. Hmm. What a coincidence!

Assuming that Funk had lived with her daughter, Emma Jane Gonzalez, in Parkland during those years, that would mean that Emma Jane lived in Parkland from ages 7 to 16, where she likely could have met Emma Gonzalez of M.S. Douglas High School! Another coincidence!

Update (April 2, 2018):

FOTM reader Lola found a video of actress Emma Jane Gonzalez, The Outs, in which she sported a shaved head, like Parkland student Emma Gonzalez.

Lola took this screenshot of EJG from the video:

Emma Jane Gonzalez with shaved head

I cropped the above pic for a side-by-side comparison of two Emmas with shaved heads:

Emma Jane Gonzalez & Emma Gonzalez

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