Danbury Hospital sent message about Sandy Hook 48 min. before police received first 911 call

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According to the Newtown police’s timeline of the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School (SHES) on the morning of December 14, 2012 in Newtown, Connecticut:

  • 9:35:39 – First 911 call to Newtown Police Department is received.
  • 9:36:06 – Newtown Police Department dispatcher broadcasts that there is a shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School.
  • 9:37:38 – Connecticut State Police are dispatched to Sandy Hook Elementary School for active shooter.
  • 9:38:50 – Connecticut State Police are informed that Sandy Hook Elementary School is in lockdown.
  • 9:39:00 – First Newtown police officer arrives behind Sandy Hook Elementary School on Crestwood Road.
  • 9:40:03 – Last gunshot is heard. This is believed to be the final suicide shot from the shooter in classroom 10.
  • 9:42:39 – Newtown officer calls out the license plate of the shooter’s car.
  • 9:44:47 – Newtown officers enter Sandy Hook Elementary School.
  • 9:46:23 – Connecticut State Police arrive at Sandy Hook Elementary School.
  • 9:46:48 – Connecticut State Police enter Sandy Hook Elementary School

Danbury Hospital in Danbury, CT, is the nearest hospital to Newtown, just 12 miles down the road from Sandy Hook Elementary School.

On December 14, 2012, at 8:47 ammore than 48 minutes before police, at 9:35 am, received the first 911 call from SHES  — Danbury Hospital posted this message on Facebook:

We are here to care for any victims and their families in any way they need us. Our hearts and prayers are extended to anyone involved in this terrible tragedy. To date, three patients have been transported to Danbury Hospital from the scene.

Out of abundance of caution and not because of any direct threat Danbury Hospital is under lockdown. This allows us simply to focus on the important work at hand.

We will keep you apprised of any additional information as details are confirmed.

Below is a screenshot of Danbury Hospital’s Facebook page (source: Wolfgang Halbig):

Danbury Hospital message

Here’s a screenshot of Halbig’s email that he bcc’d FOTM yesterday (I redacted his email address):

Wolfgang Halbig email

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  1. Links to the screenshots appear broken

    • They have to be restored because WordPress burned FOTM down on August 15. Every pre-takedown post and every image must be restored, one by one. You want to volunteer?

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