Pedogate: Actor Kevin Spacey accused of raping 15 y.o. boy & sexually assaulting 'House of Cards' crew members

Fri, 03 Nov 2017 14:18:53 +0000


Actor Kevin Spacey, 58, already accused by actor Anthony Rapp of trying to “seduce” him when Rapp was 14 and Spacey a 26-year-old adult, is now accused of raping another 15-year-old boy.

Kevin Spacey grabs a young male’s butt

See “Pedogate: Actor Kevin Spacey ‘likes young children’

E. Alex Jung reports for Vulture, Nov. 2, 2017, that after Rapp’s public accusation, a former child actor approached New York magazine with his story and met with Jung “on a park bench” in New York, where he outright calls Kevin Spacey a pedophile and a sexual predator.

We’ll call the man X.

Now a 48-year-old artist living on the East Coast with a long-term partner, X wishes to remain anonymous because “I have worked really hard to have a nice life and feel safe, and I’m not giving that up for him [Spacey]. I don’t want them to be able to find their way back to me.”

X says that he first met Spacey in 1981 when he was a 12-year-old student of Spacey, who was a guest teacher at a weekend acting class. They met again by chance at Shakespeare in the Park in 1983, when X was 14 years old and Spacey a 24-year-old adult who had made his Broadway debut in Henrik Ibsen’s Ghosts the year prior. Spacey gave X his phone number, and the two began a consensual sexual relationship that ended with rape when X was 15.

Vulture reporter Jung says:

“We have done our best to verify his account of his time with Spacey. We confirmed with two sources that Spacey taught at the acting school in 1981; checked the plausibility of dates and other details in his account; and spoke with people close to the former student, who said that he had spoken about his relationship with Spacey as far back as the 1990s. We also spoke with his current therapist, who confirmed that he began speaking about it in sessions in 2015. And we have confirmed the other abusive relationship the former student discusses. We reached out to Spacey to talk about the relationship. He responded through his lawyer, who wrote in an email, ‘Mr. Spacey absolutely denies the allegations.’”

Below are excerpts from the transcript of X’s interview (language warning!):

After you talked in the park, when did you and Kevin first meet?
I called him on the phone the next day, and he told me how he was in love with me and wanted to see me. I went and saw him at an apartment he was renting on the Upper West Side. He had a black Labrador named Snake…. We started a sexual relationship that first visit, which mostly involved me fucking him. […]

How many times did you meet up with Kevin after that first meeting?
My memory is that we met up three or four more times with, again, proclamations that we loved each other. Also, [he was telling me] that there were producers who were really interested in me as an actor and that he wanted to get me auditions. He talked about some play and how he wanted to get me an audition for it. He hadn’t seen me act since I was 12.

Did anything come of that?
No, it didn’t result in anything professional. […]

So now I’m 15. He was in a different apartment, also on the Upper West Side, and I called him from a pay phone, like you used to do, and said, “I’m close by. Can I see you?” I had like 15 minutes before I had to meet my parents and some family friends for dinner.

He told me to come over, and I went to the apartment. And I thought we were going to kiss and tell each other we loved each other and I was going to go. But he wanted to have sex, and this time he wanted to fuck me, which had never happened to me before.

He said he wanted to top you?
He did not say. He just did. I guess he must have come up behind me and yanked down my baggy jeans, and he goes to fuck me and I’m like, “No, I don’t want to.” And he pushes hard, and grabs me, and starts shoving up against my asshole, and it hurts like a motherfucker. I again tell him no, and he tries again. I am strong enough, thank God, both somewhere in my brain and in my body, to get him off of me. I’m sturdy, thankfully. I throw him off of me and I run crying down the stairs and out into the street and then suck it all up and go have dinner.

Did he penetrate you?
No. I don’t think so. I know it hurt, so something went somewhere to the point where it hurt, but I remember feeling like I got him. I did not feel like I had been fucked.

Note to X: If Kevin Spacey “hurt” your anus, then he did rape you. Your fighting him off does not negate the fact that he had penetrated, i.e., raped you.

What would you call it?
I always have said, “He tried to rape me.” I told him I didn’t want that, he went again to do it, I told him no, he went again and pushed harder and grabbed me and pushed harder. I don’t know how I would see that as anything besides an attempted rape, which I was able to thwart.

Did you feel afraid?
I don’t know that I felt afraid. I felt betrayed, or in danger, or trapped. In some way it was like, “Oh, I’ve been lured into a trap.”

I called his number a few days later and there was no answer — he’s gone, and I do not hear from him ever again. One year later, I’m an apprentice at the Berkshire Theater Festival. I see that he’s at the Williamstown Theater Festival [Spacey starred in Williamstown’s production of Real Dreamsin 1984], and I contact him there and say I want to see him. And at the last minute I call him and say, “Why didn’t you ever call me? Why didn’t you ever do anything? I don’t want to see you.”

And what?
He was like, “Oh, come over. I’m going to drive over.” I had maintained this weird obsession with him, and I turned it at the last minute and said, “I don’t want to see you. Don’t come.” So that was that. And that has been the extent of my contact with him. […]

When did your thinking around what had happened start to change?
When do I start to think of him as a sexual predator?

Yeah. I assume you would call him that now.
I would call him that to his face. I would call him a pedophile and a sexual predator.
When I turned 25, I looked at every 14-year-old boy I could see, to try to understand what those men had seen, because I still on some level thought I had been a tiny adult. That whole year I was 25, I tried to just see the ones who were like six-foot-two, and 200 pounds — they all looked like children. They all looked like somebody who was 10 years old four years ago. Nobody looks fuckable. Nobody … I couldn’t conjure it up. I couldn’t conjure up the desire. It was nauseating to think of having sex with them, and that was, I think, certainly when I understood, on a very deep level, these men were fucked up. Up until then, I just thought about him as somebody who had really done me wrong and tried to rape me, but not as somebody who had functioned as a predator. And then, if you’re interested in sexual predation, you start to read about it, and you realize all these patterns and techniques, and it all kind of falls within a set of practices.

Is that what you did? You read about it?
Yeah, like I would talk to psychologists. I know that pedophilia is a sexuality, like homosexuality. You can’t necessarily — you can’t be cured of it. It is in your brain. That’s one of the tragic things about it for those people. You can become someone who does not act on those impulses, but the understanding in the psychological community is … that’s your sexuality. That’s what you’re stuck with. You read and you realize, “Oh yeah, they do this thing.” My cousin had done it. They make themselves beloved. They’re charming and helpful and kind so that the community invites them deeper in. They make themselves indispensable, and that also is a double thing. So that when they are accused, people don’t believe it. “Not him. Mr. Wallace is so great, and he takes the kids camping.”

So in your view, this is who he is?
He is a pedophile. When you look at his statement [in response to Anthony Rapp’s accusation], you realize also he’s profoundly narcissistic. He thinks this is about being caught that he’s gay. And then he is spinning it, right? “Oh, people like gays now. So I’ll throw them that. I’ll say I’m gay and I will betray my whole community and do something else that conflates pedophilia with male homosexuality.” That’s great. Thank you for that. And that was probably the thing that made me want to talk more than anything else. How repulsive that was. […]

Do you think that a 14- or 15-year-old is capable of being in a relationship with a man who is a decade older?
No. What you need in a relationship, any relationship, involves a power struggle. But you have to start from some kind of equal footing. And a 15-year-old is a child. Everything is already off-kilter. You’re taking from somebody to get this thing you want. […]

What made you want to talk about Kevin Spacey now?
The low-level guilt that I’ve kind of carried all this time of knowing, in my brain, that these people repeat offend. They don’t stop. It’s never one and done. Pedophiles, sexual predators, that’s part of it. So knowing full well that he was continuing to do this, that he was out there at large, has made me feel ashamed. So that makes me want to talk. I’m grateful to Anthony Rapp for talking, that opened that door for me.

See also:


Chloe Melas reports for CNN today, November 3, that eight people who worked on Spacey’s now-defunct Netflix TV series House of Cards, and who all asked for anonymity, say the actor created a “toxic” environment with his sexually “predatory” behavior.

One of the eight, a former production assistant, says he was sexually assaulted by Spacey after being assigned to pick up the actor by car and bring him back to the set for filming. The assistant says while they were the car, Spacey put his hands down the assistant’s pants.

When he and Spacey got on set, he helped carry the actor’s things to his trailer where Spacey again sexually assaulted him by cornering him, blocking his exit, and making “inappropriate contact” with him.

The production assistant did not report the incident to any managers of the series or the police, but he did tell a coworker at the time. The assistant says Spacey had harassed him prior to the alleged assault, but when he complained to a supervisor about it, no official action was taken. The assistant told CNN Spacey created on the set of House of Cards “a toxic environment for young men who had to interact with him at all in the crew, cast, [and] background actors.”

Another crew member told CNN that Spacey also touched him inappropriately on multiple occasions, but that he was afraid to tell the actor to stop. Yet another member of the crew who claims to have witnessed Spacey’s predatory behavior said: “Who is going to believe crew members? …You’re going to get fired.”

I hope these men sue Netflix for hostile work environment.

Update (Nov. 4):

On Friday evening (Nov. 3), producer of the Netflix series “House of Cards” effectively fired Kevin Spacey by “suspending” him. Suspension is a legally necessary first step toward the actor’s eventual termination.

Also yesterday, Scotland Yard opened an investigation into Spacey in response to an allegation that he’d sexually assaulted a young male actor in London. (Variety)

Update (Nov. 6):

In an article for Buzzfeed, Harry Dreyfuss, the son of actor Richard Dreyfuss, says when he was 18 years old, Kevin Spacey groped his thigh and genitals in the presence of his dad. At the time, Spacey was the director of a play at London’s Old Vic featuring Richard Dreyfuss.

Update (Nov. 11):

Now we know how Spacey could have groped the genitals of Harry Dreyfuss in the presence of Harry’s dad, actor Richard Dreyfuss.

Yesterday, writer Jessica Teich, 58, accused Richard Dreyfuss, 70, of sexually harassing her at work in the 1980s. Teich says Dreyfuss invited her to his trailer and displayed his erect penis.

Teich was in her late 20s at the time and Dreyfuss was 12 years her senior. Teich told Vulture: “I remember walking up the steps into the trailer and turning towards my left, and he was at the back of the trailer, and just – his penis was out, and he sort of tried to draw me close to it. He was hard. I remember my face being brought close to his penis. I can’t remember how my face got close to his penis, but I do remember that the idea was that I was going to give him a blow job. I didn’t, and I left.” (Daily Mail)


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Jim Campbell
2 years ago

This isn’t knew, the guy is a fruit cake, I’m wondering why he hasn’t been put before a grand jury?
The season finally ended with his completely batshit wife becoming president, in the final show she kills her husband’s chief of staff. It’s over good riddance.

I know it sounds like I’m thinking it was real, of course not, but she was such a harridan that watching it seemed like the real deal.

2 years ago

The last I saw on him was that he was in court on at least some of these. It looked like he was going to walk. He’s an obvious pervert. Isn’t it grand how rich perverts in the movies can do this stuff but poor ones are jailed?

Hell, look at “Uncle Joe”. At least he’s into girls (so I guess he’s less of a pervert), but he can’t keep his hands off the little girls. Of course I’ve read that he can’t keep his hands off other people’s wives, girlfriends, horses, sheep, whatever.