Pedogate: Actor Kevin Spacey 'likes young children'

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Sunlight is a powerful disinfectant.

At long last, corrupt Hollywood and the attendant “entertainment” industries such as fashion and pop music, are being fumigated.

The Hollywood Sexgate truth-telling is now spilling from women accusing former mogul Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment/assault/rape, to accusations of pedophilia and pederasty — the stuff not just of rumors, but of an explosive 2015 documentary, An Open Secret, which briefly caused a stir and then was heard/seen no more in no small part due to the refusal of companies to distribute the film.

Now, with the recent accusation by actor Anthony Rapp that Academy Award recipient Kevin Spacey, 58, had tried to “seduce” him (“to get with me sexually”) when he was only 14 years old and Spacey was a 26-year-old adult, the evil crimes of Hollywood pedophilia-pederasty are finally being exposed. (See DCG’s “Sexgate: Closeted homosexual Kevin Spacey apologizes for trying to seduce 14-year-old boy“)

What is disheartening is that, in the wake of Rapp’s accusation, media attention has been focused on Spacey’s admission that he is a homosexual — long known in Hollywood and by the MSM — but not on Spacey’s sexual predation of Rapp, a minor.

This post means to correct the MSM’s attempt at misdirection, as other accusers are coming forth, claiming that Kevin Spacey is not just a pederast — an adult who sexually preys on teenage boys — but a pedophile.

(1) What National Enquirer says:

To begin, according to an account in the National Enquirer:

  • Former Boston newswoman Heather Unruh wrote on social media that Spacey had sexually assaulted an unnamed “loved one”.
  • UK resident Nadine West also went on social media saying that Spacey had groped her “young male friend” when they were working at London’s Old Vic theater. This was the time when Spacey, who was acting and directing at the Old Vic, when he claimed he had been mugged at 4 am in a public London park known for covert “gay” sex.
  • Others say Spacey participated in X-Men director Bryan Singer’s notorious pool parties, known for young and underage males.

(2) Actor Corey Cox:

On the evening of October 30, 2017, Cory Cox, a young actor who had appeared as an extra on Spacey’s Netflix series House of Cards, posted on the Facebook group Ancapistan that he’s had sex with Spacey, and that Spacey’s sexual preferences include young children. Cox’s post is now deleted, but not before screenshots were taken of his post. (Source: Everipedia)

(3) Associates with convicted pedophile:

Birds of a feather flock together. In addition to being a habitué of director Bryan Singer’s pool parties, Daily Mail says Spacey also hobnobs with convicted pedophile millionaire financier Jeffrey Epstein of “pedophile island” fame:

“Spacey has, throughout his career rubbed shoulders with the liberal elite. He is a close friend of Bill Clinton. Another acquaintance is Jeffrey Epstein, the convicted US paedophile financier, a one-time friend of the Duke of York. But in his private life Spacey has maintained a resolute silence.”

(4) Photographic Evidence:

Below is sordid photographic evidence of Spacey grabbing the reddened butt of a young male (source: Instinct Magazine):

On October 30, after Anthony Rapp’s disclosure that Kevin Spacey had tried to “get with me sexually,” Netflix effectively fired Spacey with the announcement that House of Cards‘ sixth season, scheduled to debut in 2018, would be the final season of the series. The very next day, Netflix announced production would be suspended indefinitely. (Wikipedia)

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