Hunter S. Thompson was a pedophile-bestialist who made snuff films

Hunter S. Thompson was a journalist, author, and acclaimed founder of gonzo journalism — a style of journalism where reporters eschew the traditional “objective” journalism, but directly participate in the action to such a degree that they become central figures of their stories. The author of “new journalism” books, such as the 1971 Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas that was made into a movie, Thompson was known for his firearms, alcohol and illegal drugs. He became a counterculture cult figure, hobnobbing with Hollywood stars like Johnny Depp and John Cusack, and fawned on by late-night TV talk show hosts like David Letterman.

In 2005, at age 67, depressed by his chronic medical problems and advancing age, Thompson shot himself to death. He left this nihilistic suicide note to his wife:

“No More Games. No More Bombs. No More Walking. No More Fun. No More Swimming. 67. That is 17 years past 50. 17 more than I needed or wanted. Boring. I am always bitchy. No Fun — for anybody. 67. You are getting Greedy. Act your (old) age. Relax — This won’t hurt.”

A YouTube video that had since been taken down after I first published this vote  revealed a side of Hunter Thompson even darker than his already depraved public persona. He was a pedophile, bestialist, and made snuff films.

I tried to verify the claims made in the video. Here’s what I found:

(1) Pedophiles & child kidnapping:

From Hunter S. Thompson’s 2005 book, Hey Rube: Blood Sport, the Bush Doctrine, and the Downward Spiral of Dumbness Modern History from the Sport Desk, p. 3:

(2) Bestiality:

From a website devoted to Hunter S. Thompson’s writings, The Great Thompson Hunt:

“Palm Beach is a place where reality does not apply, ‘money is cheap’ and there is no ‘place for Horatio Algers’. (Thompson, 1990, p. 193).

Nakedness is also part of the scene, and HST [Hunter S. Thompson] finds himself in a red Chrysler convertible with naked lesbians on their way to an orgy.

Bestiality is another aspect of the lifestyle, because it is felt to be a victimless crime in Palm Beach, even though it is technically against the law. This is where the title [of Thompson’s article, ‘A Dog Took M Place,’] comes from. First, HST meets a woman whose friend makes $50,000 a year (tax-free) to screw dogs for rich people; then HST meets a bartender who feels like a ‘beast’. He tells HST, ‘I see those s–t-eating grins on their faces and I feel like a dog took my place.’ This leads back to the final ending where HST decides that it is better to get involved with animals than people, ‘because they will never call the police on you or take you in front of a judge or run off and hide with your money…. Animals don’t hire lawyers’ (Thompson, 1990, p. 206).”

(3) Hunter Thompson made Child snuff films

Photographer Russell E. Nelson said Hunter Thompson offered him $100,000 to shoot a snuff film, copies of which would then be sold to “wealthy business people for tremendous amounts of money.” This is verified in a 2005 article by Tom Flocco for Prison Planet:

“Recently arrested photographer Russell E. ‘Rusty’ Nelson–who according to U.S. District court testimony [2-5-1999] was impersonated by another photographer at Capitol Hill child sex parties during the Reagan and Bush presidencies, told us last week that in 1988 he refused Hunter Thompson’s offer of $100,000 to film a graphic child sex ‘snuff movie to be sold to wealthy private clients where a young boy would be murdered as a sacrifice.'”

In his shattering book on the 1988-1991 child sex ring scandal that involved GOP élites in Washington, D.C., and prominent citizens and Boys Town of Nebraska, The Franklin Cover-Up: Child Abuse, Satanism, and Murder in Nebraska, attorney and Nebraska state legislator John DeCamp (1941-2017), a Republican, interviewed Paul Bonacci, one of the child victims who provided testimonies to grand juries of his abuses and what he had witnessed. DeCamp was Bonacci’s attorney.

Bonacci’s testimony included an account of how he and another boy Nicholas were taken to Las Vegas and ordered to rape a boy, after which an adult man sodomized and shot the boy — all of which was filmed. The director of the snuff film was Hunter Thompson. Below are screenshots I took from pages 103, 104 and 327 of the book, which confirm the video’s recounting of what Bonacci said.

Hunter S. Thompson’s $3 million funeral was paid for by “close pal” Johnny Depp, and attended by 280 people, including U.S. Senators John Kerry and George McGovern; 60 Minutes correspondents Ed Bradley and Charlie Rose; and actors Jack Nicholson, John Cusack, Bill Murray, Benicio del Toro, Sean Penn, and Josh Hartnett.

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[…] Hunter S. Thompson was a pedophile-bestialist who made snuff films […]

Karen Rupright
Karen Rupright

This is disgusting. I never in my life thought this would be happening. I pray for those helpless beautiful children. I pray Jesus throw these miserable non humans in the pit of hell.


video unavailable on the above youtube lin

Howard T. Lewis III
Howard T. Lewis III

most of us are aware that Hunter S. Thompson ws one of the first to nail Bush41 as a homosexual pedophile, as were many o his friends. Less known is the Dave Letterman Show featured Thompson as a guest when he clearly said, that he would be doing America a great service by beating Bush41 to death with a baseball bat, on stage.See it on Youtube. Thompson, NOT a pedophile.

Howard T. Lewis III
Howard T. Lewis III

Sorry for typos. I was ina rush. HST also did NOT make snuff films, but the Rusty Nelson figure can be heard SEVERAL times in interviews claiming that HE did. Pedophile victim Paul Bonacci stated clearly in an interview with FBI Director Ted Gunderson that the incident which he had previously referred to with two other victims featured a cameraman who wore a hat and used a cigarette holder, and was referred to as “Thomson” by the other perverts on the scene. On seeing a mug shot or photograph of author Hunter S. Thompson by FBI people, Bonacci told his… Read more »

Howard T. Lewis III
Howard T. Lewis III

It does not look good for HSThompson here. I have years experience investigating these Satan worshippers and other individuals who were known investigators who were accused of indulging in perverted and sadistic murderous behavior. I have never indulged in this sick behavior, and in the past have provided lengthy documentation in the form of videos and references to Hunter Thompson interviews, Paul Bonacci interviews, and Rusty Nelson interviews. Paul Bonacci is recorded with Ted Gunderson stating that the snuff film shooter at Bohemia Grove was called “Hunter” or “Thompson”, but on seeing a photo of HSThompson, Bonacci claimed that the… Read more »

fuckyou loser
fuckyou loser

… you’re a total fucktard! What a bunch of unsubstantiated, uninformed, ridiculous shit.


Well aren’t you just the joyous one in Australia?

You could provide counterclaims to the unsubstantiated, uninformed and ridiculous claims made in this post. But I’m guessing that’s not as easy as using the “F” word in your name, email and comment.

Happy New Year, mate!


I’m not a psychiatrist (no MD) but I sometimes play one online. Dr. E’s observations are duly noted. That handle, FYL, I assume is not calculated to win friends and influence people. You should keep in mind that you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. Just sayin’