Mommy cat adopts abandoned puppies

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Miss Kitty is a female cat in South Carolina who lost her litter of kittens.

Meanwhile, a neighbor’s dog gave birth to five puppies, but refused to care for them.

So Miss Kitty carried the puppies, one by one, to her hiding place underneath the house, and adopted them as her own.

Miss Kitty’s owners thought it better that she should care for kittens. So they put a call out for abandoned or stranded kittens, and found two, which they brought to Miss Kitty.

Miss Kitty immediately adopted the kittens, but instead of abandoning the puppies, simply added the kittens to her brood, whom she lovingly nursed and groomed.

Veterinarian Dr. Andrew Holland said that while cats have been known to adopt orphaned kittens, and dogs orphaned puppies, it’s unusual for a cat to adopt the babies of another species.

This cat puts human females to shame, who abort kill our babies, then have the gall to call it a Constitutional right.

Was this the terrible choice that Adam and Eve made in the First Garden? Despite being well provided for in the Garden, our first parents chose to disobey God’s explicit instruction not to eat from one particular tree, as well as ignore God’s explicit warnings of the consequences of disobedience. Wanting to be “like gods” who would determine for themselves what is right and wrong, Adam and Eve spurned the moral instincts God had already embedded in their hearts — instincts that Miss Kitty and other animals retain.

No wonder St. Bonaventure called them “creatures without sin”. Unlike we humans who are each born tinder for sin (fomes peccati), non-human creatures did not want to be “like gods” and are without Original Sin, having chosen to retain the light of God, which humans contemptuously call “animal instincts”.

H/t FOTM‘s MomOfIV

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