Stephen Paddock lookalike seen in Atlantic City 5 days after Las Vegas shooting

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Two days ago, 4chan message board picked up a tweet from YouFold2Me, a self-described “poker player,” of a video showing a Stephen Paddock lookalike at a gambling table in Atlantic City’s Harrah’s casino, on October 6, 2017, 5 days after the Las Vegas shooting massacre.

I hesitated to post about it, waiting for Professor Jim Fetzer to get back to me. Fetzer said he has a friend who’s very good at overlaying facial images to determine whether images of two individuals are of the same person.

What convinced me to do this post is that YouFold2Me’s tweet was taken down by Twitter.

It no longer exists.

You can verify it for yourself by going to the URL of that tweet:

Ask yourself why Twitter would take it down unless, of course, the man in the video is Stephen Paddock.

Happily, the video was saved. Here it is in MP4 format, which you can save to your hard drive:

[wpvideo B1ZTvt9I]

Below are comparison pics of Paddock and Atlantic City man.

Note these similarities:

  • Same receding hairline
  • Same forehead
  • Same sparse eyebrows
  • Same eyebrow ridges
  • Same ears
  • Same nose
  • Same mouth
  • Same nasolabial folds (lines along the sides of mouth)
  • Same chin
  • Same crooked pinkie finger of left hand
  • Same brand & checkered shirt, though of different colors
  • Both are gamblers
  • Both are pictured with a Filipina companion

What’s the probability that all these similarities would be due to random chance? What do you think?

If Atlantic City man is Paddock, that means the authorities had lied to us that Stephen Paddock was the “lone gunman” who killed 58 and wounded more than 500 on the night of October 1, 2017, in Las Vegas.

Not to mention the fact that the dead man in Paddock’s alleged 32nd-floor suite in Mandalay Bay hotel is not Stephen Paddock because dead man does not have the “13” tattoo on Paddock’s neck. (But then, neither does Atlantic City man.)

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