Las Vegas shooting massacre: Where are the broken windows on 32nd floor?

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We are told that on the night of Sunday, October 1, 2017, 64-year-old retired accountant and multimillionaire Stephen Craig Paddock fired an automatic weapon from his suite on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel in Las Vegas, at an outdoor Route 91 Harvest country western music concert across the street, killing 58 people and wounding more than 500. See:

The media published this pic of Mandalay Bay hotel after the shooting, showing two shot-out windows presumably of Paddock’s suite on the 32nd floor.

Note that the 32nd floor is 6 floors down from where the purple-grey vertical concrete sidings begin. Those sidings are lit up at night. I painted the numbers 1-6 in yellow. The two broken windows are, from right:

  • Broken window #1 is the first window to the left of the second vertical purple-grey siding.
  • Broken window #2 is the second window to the left of the third vertical purple-grey siding.

Self-described independent journalist and former NSA operative Jim Stone found a very interesting photo from the night of the October 1, 2017 mass shooting in Las Vegas.

As is Stone’s wont, he doesn’t give the source of the pic, but I can verify its authenticity because I found it on Dynamite News, in an October 2 article titled, “Las Vegas: Mass casualties in Mandalay Bay shooting”. Here’s the pic on Dynamite News:

Stone provided a high-resolution, enlarged version of the pic (see below). I painted the yellow arrow and the two yellow circles to indicate the 32nd floor and where the two broken windows should be.

↓Click to enlarge↓

Here’s a cropped and enlarged view of the above pic, showing the 32nd floor windows:

There’s something light-colored in window #2, but I don’t see any broken windows, do you?

In other words, the two windows on the 32nd floor do not appear shot-out on the night of October 1 right after the mass shooting, but they are broken on October 2 when the media took the picture of Mandalay Bay hotel in daylight.

Why’s that?

Here’s another strange thing that Jim Stone brings to our attention.

[wpvideo hFqTzkmO]

In the video above of the Route 91 Harvest country-music concert, sound of gun shots begin at the 0:00:05 mark, lasting 10 seconds, with the band playing throughout. Note that the stage is lit up.

The band stops playing when the gunshots end. You hear chatter among the audience as people begin to realize what just happened.

Beginning at around 0:00:22, the stage lights dim, then go completely dark at 0:00:25. A woman’s voice can be heard above the din of the crowd, “Oh, my God.”

At 0:00:31, bright strobe lights are lit above the stage, all the better to illuminate the crowd, who begin to flee in panic. The sound of gun shots resumes beginning at the 0:00:52 mark.

“Larger strobe lights can be used in ‘continuous’ mode, producing extremely intense illumination.” (Wikipedia) Why did the music festival turn on the extremely bright strobe lights AFTER the automatic weapon was first fired, not knowing if the shooting would continue, thereby further endangering the concert audience?

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