Swedish military's purpose is to defend homosexuals

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Sweden is finished.

Its cucked men pose for official pictures wearing pink pussy-hats, while its women have sex with ‘refugees’ in the name of giving them comfort.

On March 7, 2017, to show their solidarity with International Women’s Day, the board of directors of Byggnads, a construction workers trade union in Stockholm, Sweden, tweeted this picture of themselves

Forsvarsmakten is the official Facebook page of the Swedish Armed Forces. Its “Info” page says (Google translation into English):

“Welcome to the Swedish Armed Forces’ official page on Facebook. We protect Sweden’s borders from violations, carry out international efforts and assist in national disasters.”

It turns out the Swedish Armed Forces also have another important mission — to protect homosexuals.

Below is a Forsvarsmakten post on July 31, 2017, followed by a pic of a pair of army boots with rainbow laces:

“We are prepared to go as far as we can.

Your right to live any way you want, as whoever you want and with whom you want, is our task to defend. And we are prepared to give everything to do it. Learn more about how we work for everyone’s equal value, justice and equality at https://www.forsvarsmakten.se.

That post received 5.5K “likes” and 275 comments.

Here’s a sample of the critical comments (English translations are generated by Facebook, with some editing on my part for literacy):

Roger Eriksson: “I do not understand why the armed forces are engaged in this. Sweden as a nation should be protected against aggressors.

Henrik Agerhäll: “Your task is to defend the country in the event that foreign troops are trying to take over it? Your personnel policy is that you don’t care whom your staff lives with? In the same way as it is the judiciary’s task to curb crime and medical care’s task is to care for the sick? I have nothing against your personnel policy, but your task is still to defend the country.

William Nordlander: “You do not have to write posts like these, since I myself have been involved in military activities since before and will continue to do so, I can tell you that you already have a uniform system…that treats everyone equally. Is this not enough? Why do you do more, because when there’s a war, I won’t care if you’re black or transsexual as long as you just destroy the enemy.”

Frederik Nielsen: “There are people who refuse to join the army after you spread the rainbow propaganda. Think about it…. You are an authority, not cultural operators or politicians. Swedes have absolutely nothing against people’s way of life, but imposing their propaganda in our workplaces is distasteful. Workplaces including the military should be neutral and without political or cultural imposition on workers.

Forsvarsmakten responded to every critical comment (someone in the Swedish military sure has lots of idle time) by redoubling its declaration that the purpose of the Swedish military is to defend homosexuals. To Frederik Nielsen’s comment, this is the Swedish military’s “F-you” response:

The goal of the armed forces is that all employees should feel included in the workplace. If an individual does not support human rights and inclusiveness, he should choose a different employer than the armed forces.

In other words, while the country is on the brink of civil war, with 61 no-go Muslim zones and the police chief pleading for help, the Swedish Armed Forces’ mission is to defend LGBTs’ “right to live any way you want, as whoever you want and with whom you want”.

Does the Swedish military not know that to “live any way you want, as whoever you want and with whomever you want” is the Satanist “Do as Thou Will” motto?

The United States should get out of NATO, an obsolete Cold War alliance. Worse still, there is a push to include Sweden into NATO, to which I say “why?”

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