Feminism: Vogue magazine tells women to be witches

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Vogue is a women’s fashion magazine.

But in a June 19, 2017 article by contributing editor Christina Perez, the fashion magazine is urging women frustrated by “the current [Trump] administration” to “awaken your inner witch” and “feminist powers”.

Vogue‘s Perez quotes Lisa Lister, author of a recently-published book, Witch: Unleashed. Untamed. Unapologetic:

“For so long it’s [witch] been a term that’s been used to demonize, stigmatize, and repress women. But right now, the word is being reclaimed.

Women across the globe are actively using the word ‘witch’ as a way to describe themselves because the witch is waking. The part of us that’s been anesthetized, domesticated, tamed, and kept numb by food, shopping, alcohol, and drugs is now awakening within us. We are re-membering the dis-membered parts of being a woman—who we all were before patriarchy put all our fierce and feminine powers into the darkness, called them taboo, and then taught us all to be afraid of the dark.”

Asked to define what a “witch” is, Lister said:

A witch is a woman in her power. She’s wise, a healer—someone who is aligned with the cycles of nature and the phases of the moon. She’s in touch with the dark. She knows how to witness, how to let things go, how to follow her own counsel. Every woman is a witch, whether she knows it or not. She’s cyclic, she’s powerful, she can embrace nature to heal herself and her community. In other words, she is magic.”

Lister then describes a “simple” ritual to awaken a woman’s “inner witch”:

  • Make a Yoni Mudra triangle over your womb (lower abdomen) with your hands by placing the tips of your thumbs together and the tips of your first fingers together. Yoni means sacred temple in Sanskrit.
  • Loudly chant “I call back my power now” three times.
  • Bring your hands to your hearts and say: “So mote it be” — which seems to be Wicca’s equivalent of “Amen”.

Reporting for LifeSiteNews, June 22, 2017, Claire Chretien points out that there is a growing, worldwide anti-President Trump movement that encourages people to cast “binding spells” on him, invoking the assistance of “demons of the infernal realms” and other spirits. The anti-Trump “spell” contains similar language to witch Lisa Lister’s ritual. Anti-Trump witches most recently encouraged people to curse Trump on June 21, the summer solstice.

H/t FOTM‘s MomOfIV

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2 years ago

Witches are abandoning their humanity in favor of giving themselves and purposes over to the powers of Satan. As such, they awaken the power of God within ME to defeat them, *not* as humans in control of themselves, but as minions in the control of powers and principalities that need to be defeated, soundly and decisively. The fate of planet Earth lay in the balances. So I say in response, hit them with Holy water. Hard and fast. Use of a water cannon is optional, though preferred… I predict they’ll (mostly) come to their human senses again. If not, resort… Read more »

2 years ago

BTW, this is *still* going on today:

“The event is set for Oct. 20th in Brooklyn, NY – and it’s already sold out.”

Seriously, we need to pray against these losers and their masters.

2 years ago

Thanks for this post. I already say the St. Michael Prayer daily for our great President. Now I will say it several times during the day. This really is a battle against principalities and powers!

2 years ago

I have to be honest here. Do women really go around thinking like that? Whining and blaming, whining and blaming. It’s all a big plot to lessen them. Men, “did this to them”. WTF?

All I can say is that any woman who falls for this B.S. needs a man or she’s doomed. Also, if she needs detailed instructions in order to find her womb, it’s even worse.

2 years ago
Reply to  Lophatt

LOL at your common-sense reply. Thanks for my laugh of the day!