AG Jeff Sessions knows Joe Biden is a pedophile

Mon, 05 Jun 2017 11:30:33 +0000


The American Heritage of the English Dictionary defines “pedophile” as:

“a person who is sexually attracted to prepubescent children.”

Nearly 8 months ago, I posted a C-SPAN video of Obama’s VP Joe Biden pawing and groping girls in plain sight. See “Joe Biden tells 13-year-old girl he’s ‘horny’?”.

Now, ron johnson of YouTube has compiled footages of Biden feeling up young girls into a single video. The most fascinating part of the video is then-Sen. Jeff Sessions, now U.S. Attorney General, slapping Biden’s hand away from a young girl, which suggests Sessions knows Biden is a “pizza” (young girls) pedophile.

Here’s the video:

In the event the video is taken down by YouTube, I had a GIF made of Sessions slapping Biden’s hand away:

H/t Steemit

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[…] AG Jeff Sessions knows Joe Biden is a pedophile […]

Holdin’ Magroign
Holdin’ Magroign
1 year ago

Oh boy…if that gif is real that 2 finger salute is real weird idk how you explain that. This is how events are manipulated. We are ruled by a nobility that enjoys lese majesty. They frame his touching as sentimental warmth but this says it all. To control reality you only have to close the world around your argument no lies necessary so that our participation is semi voluntary.

wooja blomi
wooja blomi
1 year ago

almost everyone who associated with Epstein, and literally Everyone who traveled with him, is a pedo.