Swedish government official calls for assassinating President Trump

Tue, 24 Jan 2017 15:57:01 +0000


The meltdown of the Left over Donald John Trump being America’s 45th President should put to an end, once and for all, the Left’s self-perpetuated myth that they are tolerant, caring, peace-loving people.


RT reports that on January 22, 2017, two days after Trump’s inauguration, Roland Peterson, a member of the Swedish Social Democratic Party and an official of the municipal council of Kalmar, Sweden, asked on his Facebook page for someone to “shoot” Trump.

Peterson wrote in a post that he deleted an hour later:

“I believed that Donald Trump would calm down after he became the president [of the US]. But how wrong I was! He exceeded my worst fears! Could anyone shoot him?


Fellow councilors and party members denounced Peterson:

  • Councilor Johan Persson said “It is good that he [Peterson] removed it [the post]” and that people should “never call for violence” regardless of their opinion of Donald Trump or other issues.
  • The Social Democrats’ leader in Kalmar, Roger Holmberg, denounced the post as “inappropriate” and “idiotic,” while stressing that “even thinking about the idea of violence is completely wrong.” He told Swedish broadcaster STV that he had had a conversation with Peterson and said that new party members would receive training in working with social media.

A day after his “shoot Trump” tirade on Facebook, Peterson resigned from the Kalmar municipal council. He said he “would have never written” the post if he had considered the consequences, and promised he “will never do it again.” At the same time, Peterson blamed his tirade on Trump’s environmental policy that “risks the future of the entire Earth”.

The Left went into meltdown on social media after climate change and other hot topic issues disappeared from the White House website of the new Trump administration.

On his Facebook page, Peterson shared a link, “Welcome to the Obama Foundation,” from Obama.org.

Hey, Roland Peterson!

Doesn’t your own country, Sweden, have enough problems without you sticking your nose into America’s business? See “Sweden’s leading shopping mall is deemed a no-go zone, with police blaming gangs of migrants“.

H/t ZeroHedge


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