Cat defends baby from babysitter

Thu, 12 Jan 2017 13:23:41 +0000


One of the boons of technology is that we no longer must rely on ethologists (scientists who study animal behavior) for knowledge about non-human creatures.

The widespread availability of recording devices — cell phone and surveillance cameras — now makes possible the collection by everyday people of visual evidence of animal behaviors pointing to hitherto unknown and, in some cases, astonishing attributes.

An example is this video, from a post I’d published two years ago, of a turtle in the Taipei zoo helping another turtle who had been flipped on its back (an act committed by a human?), which is indicative of the turtle’s empathy and compassion.

We tend to think that, among our pets, only dogs are protective of their humans.

Not so.

Here are two videos of cats being fiercely protective of their humans.

You likely have seen the first one because it was all over the news — of a brave cat named Tara who tackled and chased away a dog that was attacking a young boy.

After chasing away the dog, Tara returned to check on the boy!

Below is a video of another fiercely protective cat, who clearly believes the young woman (babysitter?) was harming the toddler.

Watch how the black-and-white cat, with the heart of a lion, repeatedly attacks a human being who’s more than 10 times its size and weight.

H/t FOTM‘s josephbc69


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