White anti-Trump Rutgers U. lecturer taken to mental hospital for tweeting shoot white people

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Kevin Allred is an adjunct lecturer with a M.A. degree at Rutgers University, which means he’s a temporary hired on “soft” money to teach one or two courses, not a “ladder faculty”.


On his website, Allred calls himself a “feminist author” and says he lives in Brooklyn, NY with his boyfriend and two elderly dachshunds.”

Allred teaches the branch of corrupt academia called gender studies. He garnered some publicity for creating a course called “Feminist Perspectives: Politicizing Beyoncé.” As described by Allred, the course analyzes race, gender, class and sexual politics based on the  pop singer’s role in pop culture. In a tweet, the fawning Allred calls Beyoncé “a legend”.

What you won’t get from Allred’s course is that Beyoncé and her husband, rap mogul Jay-Z who had a song to  “Lucifer” in his 2003 The Black Album, are satanists.

Beyoncé flashes the Illuminati "one eye" handsign

Beyonce flashes the Illuminati “one eye” handsign

On the morning after the historic election that voted Donald Trump as President, at 10:31 am on November 9, 2016, Allred, who says one of his “core values” is “critical kindness,” tweeted this death threat at Trump voters:

“if I see any Trump bumper stickers on the road today, my brakes will go out and i’ll run you off the road.

Here’s a screenshot of his tweet:


Allred continued his rants on November 13, beginning with this:

“look. every single person that voted for Donald Trump is a racist. or saw racism as easily overlooked. same thing really.”

Followed by these:

“no person that voted for Donald Trump can claim they care about women. NO ONE. white people, really need to sit with all that & feel it.”

“but additionally, every single person that voted for Donald Trump said kindness, empathy, fairness, equality, equity are not important.”


To Allred’s accusation that every Trump voter is a racist, tweeter Kirk PhD, a retired corporate psychologist rebutted that actually “more blacks n minority” voted for Trump than Romney.

The next day, Nov. 14, Allred tweeted a GIF of someone burning the American flag, with the message that the GIF expresses his “Mood since Tuesday [Election] night.”

He followed that tweet with this threat:

“will the 2nd amendment be as cool when i buy a gun and start shooting at random white people or no…?”

That threatening tweet no longer exists because, as Allred explained in a Nov. 19 tweet: “Twitter made me delete a generic sarcastic question abt shooting at white ppl”.

A student complained about Allred’s violent tweets and in the classroom, and Rutgers University finally took action.

Rutgers’ campus police asked the New York Police Department to conduct “a wellness check” on Allred in his Brooklyn home. The NYPD took him to Bellevue Hospital’s psych ward for evaluation. As described by Allred in a series of tweets on Nov. 15:

 “NYPD just came to my house bc Rutgers Police told them i’m a threat based on political statements i’ve made on campus and on twitter.”

“they’ve forced me to now undergo a psychiatric evaluation at the hospital. they brought me by ambulance tho i’m not under arrest technically”

“and this is for exercising my fucking first amendment rights. i’m being labeled a threat and put in a psych hospital”

“ok. they let me leave. this is a shitshow and is proof positive that Trump’s crackdown on free speech has absolutely begun.”

“even the doctors thought it was ridiculous to take me to a psychiatric hospital and force me into evaluation. it was fucking intimidation.”

On Nov. 17, unrepentant, Allred tweets:


Kevin Allred has no place in academe.

Rutgers University is a state university in New Jersey, which means it’s supported by taxpayers. Please spend a few minutes to contact Rutgers University’s president to lodge your protest against the university hiring someone like Kevin Allred. Let’s get Allred fired:

robert-barchiPresident Robert Barchi
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
83 Somerset Street
New Brunswick, NJ 08901-1281
Phone: 848-932-7454
Fax: 732-932-8060
Email President Barchi

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