MAGA: Bestialists in retreat after Trump win

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Thu, 17 Nov 2016 22:07:51 +0000


Three years ago, I wrote a post, “Now it’s dog rape. When Obama became president, did a door to Hell open?,” pointing out that since Obama was elected president in 2008, evil no longer hides in the shadows but is in your face and out in the open.

Among the many signs is one that you probably don’t know:

Beastialists — people who advocate and engage in sex with animals — are now so emboldened that they openly discuss their perversities on Internet websites, such as Reddit, a popular online chat website. Another site,, has more than one million members as of March 2012

They don’t call themselves beastialists, preferring the euphemisms of zoophile instead of beastialist, and zoophilia instead of beastiality. They’re just animals lovers! They “love” animals so much, they screw them — which, at a minimum, is a form of animal abuse. I still don’t get why PETA, the American Humane Society and the ASPCA aren’t up in arms against these beastialist monsters.

Donald Trump ran and won the presidency with the rallying cry, “Make America Great Again (MAGA)”.

That is already happening because the beastialists are nervous.

A beastialist named peacheslala97 wrote on Reddit that with Trump as President, “we’re in trouble” because “we will come up on the radar” and “we will never get our rights now” as “Trump will never help us,” whereas Hillary “could’ve been swayed aka bribed”.

beastialists-fear-trumpSome responses to peacheslala97 [edited for spelling and grammar]:

thelongestusernameee: “The worst that can happen is that we do what we’re all used to and go back to hiding.”

Swibblestein: “America will get another Democrat in office eventually, and the lost ground will be made back up…. the fact that we have a Republican Senate and House, and will soon have a Republican Supreme Court… That, I do believe, is more worrisome with respect to LGBT rights.”

peacheslala97: “It’s not primarily him I’m worried about it’s his insane base.”

Edog91: “I doubt anything will change for us and let’s say for some reason we make it high on the people hate list. Just go off line….”

daJacket: “Honestly I doubt anything will happen. You all are still largely underground and away from the public eye. It will take a couple decades before liberals embrace sexual mores that include acceptance of bestiality. But hang in there; assuming you all are young Millennials, acceptance will happen in your lifetime.

MyBigK9: “I’m more terrified of new technologies that include brain reading,(visual interpretations of the brain’s active thoughts) than I am of Trump and his huge supporters. Could you imagine what kind of world it will be to not be able to have sick thoughts as we all do? That’s when I and many others will be terrified.”

St. Michael

Recall that in my Nov. 6 “Sunday Devotional: A Petition to the Father,” I had called the 2016 presidential election a battle against evil.

We dodged so many bullets on November 8, I am now convinced Heaven’s Army, led by St. Michael, was fighting shoulder-to-shoulder with us.

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H/t FOTM reader Laura R.


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3 responses to “MAGA: Bestialists in retreat after Trump win

  1. America, reached down and grabbed Hell by the horns, when Obama was in sick power for 8 years. Bill Clinton was the original forerunner of debauchery, reprobation, and defilement of America. It’s nauseating knowing that the perverts are slithering out from their covers of slime and muck. Peta is just a cover for such perverts and a bunch of hypocrites. Homosexuality and the rape of animals are kin to each other. America is a culture of death, sexual perversion and headed for destruction, if the Demon-crats are given unbridled power.

  2. It is so obvious why Word Press (with no advance warning) destroyed this blog. All links to articles written PRIOR TO 8-23-2018 and photographs no longer connect. The link to “Now it’s dog rape” contained so many pictures; especially with Obama and links including Germany that can no longer be viewed and read. Here is just one example of various methods deployed to prevent exposure of criminal evil in the world.

    Founded on 12-23-2009; burnt down by WordPress 8-15-2018 with 38.5M hits; resurrected 8-23-2018

  3. It is beyond belief that we have walking among us those who are so given over to debauchery that they prey on animals. There is little doubt that The Lord has a great “remedial work” to engage in to overcome this evil.


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