Culture War: How religious groups, LGBT and military voted in 2016 election

The 2016 presidential election was also another instance of America’s ongoing culture war.

From exit polling data (Washington Post ):

(1) Religion

  • Christians:
    • 58% of Protestants or other Christians voted for Trump, vs. 39% for Hillary.
    • 81% of white evangelical or born again Christians voted for Trump, vs. 16% for Hillary.
    • 52% of Catholics voted for Trump, vs. 45% for Hillary.
  • Jewish: 71% Hillary vs 24% Trump
  • Some other religion: 62% Hillary vs. 29% Trump
  • No religion: 68% Hillary vs. 26% Trump

(2) LGBT

  • 78% of those who identify themselves as lesbian gay, bisexual or transgender voted for Hillary, vs. 14% for Trump.
  • 48% of non-LGBTs voted for Trump vs. 47% for Hillary.

(3) Military

  • 61% of voters who say they have served in the military voted for Trump, vs. 34% for Hillary.
  • 50% of voters who have never served in the military voted for Hillary, vs. 45% for Trump.

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