Whoopi Goldberg shilling $139 ugly Christmas sweaters

Wed, 02 Nov 2016 15:30:54 +0000


Whoopi will probably still sell these even if she moves out of the United States.

Whoopi's new sweater line/Getty Image

Whoopi’s new sweater line/Getty Image

From NY Post: Whoopi Goldberg, who has Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony awards to her name, can officially call herself a designer.

The 60-year-old “View” co-host has designed nine “ugly Christmas sweaters” to go on sale at Lord & Taylor and Hudson’s Bay beginning Tuesday.

“I’ve always liked them,” Goldberg told the New York Times. “They make me happy. I’ve worn them for many years. I thought about all the things I’d love to see on a sweater.”

The sweaters retail for $139 each and are made from wool, alpaca, cashmere and cotton. And the designs range from an octopus-Menorah mash-up to images of both black and white Santa Clauses.

“You might start right after Thanksgiving, and wear them all the way through Hanukkah and New Year’s and then you’re done for another 12 months until it rolls around again,” she says. “Anything before Thanksgiving is too early. I’m old school. I come from the protocol of ‘O.K., here’s Halloween and then you have Thanksgiving.’ No Christmas at Halloween.”

This womyn is now a "fashion designer"

This womyn is now a “fashion designer”

While this is Goldberg’s first foray into the fashion world, if the sweaters fly off the shelves, she may design other items.

“I’d love to design holiday footwear,” Goldberg mused. “I’d love to design housewares. If you’re going to have things in the house, you might as well not be bored by them.”


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