Reuters polls show huge electoral shift to Trump despite Hillary outspending Trump on campaign ads by a whopping 3300%

Mon, 19 Sep 2016 19:51:50 +0000


As reported by ZeroHedge, whereas on August 26, 2016 Reuters had predicted a landslide victory for Hillary:


18 days later, Reuters’ polls of September 13 show a big surge in Electoral College votes for Trump, from 171 to 243, and a drop in Hillary’s votes from 295 to 242, so that the two are now virtually tied.


The map below shows Reuters‘ latest prediction of what the 2016 Electoral College map will look like once all the votes are counted. Notice that the entire central portion of the U.S. has turned red (including Colorado and New Mexico) along with Florida and South Carolina in the Southeast. Reuters even moved Pennsylvania out of the Democrat column and into the “Too Close To Call” column.


Most importantly, in the 20 days between August 26 and Sept. 15, the battleground states are shifting to Trump:

  1. Colorado: Support for Trump increased from 40% to 43%; Hillary’s decreased from 43% to 40%.
  2. Florida: Support for Trump increased from 42% to 50%; Hillary’s decreased 49% to 46%.
  3. Iowa: Support for Trump increased from 40% to 49%; Hillary’s decreased from 43% to 41%.
  4. Nevada: Support for Trump increased from 39% to 41%; Hillary’s decreased from 41% to 39%.
  5. Pennsylvania: Support for Trump increased from 43% to 44%; Hillary’s decreased from 50% to 46%.
  6. South Carolina: Support for Trump increased from 46% to 51%; Hillary’s stayed at 46%.


To top it off, Hillary’s losing although she’s spending 3,300% more on campaign ads than Trump.

Below is a diagram from Ad Age (via ZeroHedge) of money spent on campaign ads by Trump and Hillary:

trump-vs-hillary-campaign-ad-spendingTrump has spent a total of $4,420,819, which is only 3% of the $145,299,717 that Hillary has spent. Put another way, Hillary’s campaign has spent nearly 3,300% on ads compared to what the Trump campaign has spent.

According to Advertising Age, between now and Election Day, the Clinton campaign and its allied super PACs have booked $145.3 million in ad time — more than 33 times the $4.4 million for Trump and his groups.


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