Man rescues dog, who rescues a tiny hummingbird

Sat, 07 May 2016 18:11:43 +0000


This man, Ed Gernon, lives in Whittier, California.

Ed Gernon

One day, Ed rescued a feral German Shepherd mix who was living on the streets.

Ed named the dog Rex.RexA month after Ed had adopted Rex, Rex found — and protected — a tiny hummingbird that appeeared to be dead, as it was covered with flies and had lost most of its feathers.

But the bird wasn’t dead.

Ed named her Hummer and patiently nursed the tiny bird back to health, feeding Hummer a special sugar solution every 15 minutes during her waking hours.
Ed taught Hummer how to fly again with help from a blowdryer. Hummer naps on his glasses, has her own drinking bowl next to Rex’s and even lets Ed kiss her.

Hummer has lived with Ed and Rex for a year now. Ed thinks it’s time for Hummer to mate, so he leaves the windows open so she can return to “the wild,” but Hummer shows no sign of wanting to leave.


H/t CBS Los Angeles


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