Alex Jones calls Glenn Beck "a prancing demon" in tearful, apocalyptic rant

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On May 3, 2016, the day of the Indiana primary election, Alex Jones delivered an extraordinary soliloquy.

Below is the video, followed by my transcription of his words:


“I’m gonna be honest with everybody. My gut, my spirit, in the last few months, I’ve told you this, but it’s intensifying. Evil’s been let out of the pit right now, I can feel it rising. And I can also feel good rising — the Spirit of God coming back to the world as well.

We’re in very dangerous waters, and people like Donald Trump are only one manifestation of what’s going on. He’s obviously a guy — that alpha male who likes properity, loves this country. He’s got a lot of worldly issues and problems, don’t we all. But people thato got a lot of good, also a lot of bad, are enemies of the people that don’t have hardly any good but a bunch of bad.

And, I don’t get joy getting up here and attacking people like Glenn Beck, let’s get that straight. But when I see manifest, smoking evil — the guy’s on fire with sniveling evil — to a spiritual level I can see all of his fruits, and it’s just a prancing demon, a Nelly effeminate con artist preying on people, that makes you want to throw up.

And I’d be honest with you. And I love with Christ, I have a relationship with God, and I know there’s a spiritual battle going on. I know my best works are like dirty rags. And I do have the Holy Spirit, I feel God, constantly, it’s very humbling. And as evil intensifies, I get more discernment, more focus, more intelligence that God gives me — that’s what the Bible says it’ll do. And I am constantly almost in tears because I can feel the presence of God, and I know how worldly I am, and it’s like being naked and ashamed. And I see all these proud evil men, they will fall, they will be broken. And I’m not sure what’s coming in the future but if everybody feels it, everybody sees it. All I can tell you is that everybody better get right with God. And all these people out there that think this is funny, you’re not gonna think it’s funny very soon.

We’ve been insulated in this country because of our ancestors who aren’t perfect, but they were the best there were from every corner of the world. We were the new world. But we were the most inventive and the most freedom ever allowed to happen here for a short time. So great wealth and blessing was brought to us because of the free thinkers that set up this country.

And now we’ve been turned into an engine of abomination. And all I ask is God to spare my children and [long pause while Jones tries to control his emotions] . . . .

We live in a country that kills babies and sell their body parts, where they do put chemicals in the water to brain-damage you and your family, that cause infertility. That’s just the start. You live in a country with thousands of aircraft flying around spraying poison on us, and mothers that talk about it get arrested and have their kids taken [inaudible].

It’s going to get worse, and they’re coming for everybody, do you understand that? And what’s sad is that they want to force you to submit to their evil ’cause they want your soul, want your will. They want you to willingly turn yourself oer to it, that’s how a coward dies a thousand deaths. They convince themselves that evil is good and allow to themselves to accept the evil as if it’s not bad because they’re so scared of the truth deep down. They decide to have a great delusion, they decide to become mentally ill, and they decide to believe that evil is good and that good is evil. I mean Glenn Beck famously let them put chemicals in his eyes, all for an Esquire cover story. Was it Esquire or…? Yes, it was Esquire, you look it up. This guy Glenn Beck crying, and he joked about it on video knowing it would go out that he was fake — to let the system know ‘I’m fake, I’m a fraud. I’ll let the liberals know I’m a fraud, and make fun of conservatives and patriots and Christians, but my own audience wants to believe in it, so they won’t see it.’ Signaling that ‘I’m a traitor, a piece of filth. Promote me, I’ll lead all these people down a rat hole.’

And he was so dishonorable and so ratlike, even News Corp [Fox News] throws him out, don’t want to be around something like that, because even though News Corp’s corrupt, still, powerful men still want to be around honor even though they hated, they sold out, they’re guilty and they hated. Believe me, I know them. But this little son of a bitch loves it, excuse me, God. He loves betraying people, he gets off on it. He’s committed to Satan. Umph! [inaudible] He says I’m scary. You bet I’m scary, buddy, ’cause I’m only 1/1 billionth of what you’re gonna face at the White Throne of Judgment.

The dishonor of these people is so manifest, I just want to get away from them, I can’t look at them any more. It’s how they enjoy lying to people, they enjoy dishonor. I just, even tuning into their spirits, even picking up on how they are, empathizing – it’s, it’s, it’s horrible. These are predators against their own species. And I don’t hate them. It’s a feeling in the last few years I’ve never had before. I want to be apart from them, I want to be in another dimension from them so that they be with their own kind — they call that place Hell. He’ll be there forever, away from me and my family and other kindred spirits that want to be with God.

It’s that simple: two choices. They make their own Hell. And I don’t want to get religious here, folks, or spiritual, but the point is I sit there and look at these abominations, these demonic creatures. You can almost see a tail and horns on that guy, I mean he’s so FRICKING evil! Whoo…. [Jones blows air out, to compose himself.]

I mean I have to control myself constantly not to cry on air. I never used to cry before, with 2 or 3 years on the air, I talk about family or stories about Basset Hounds, the baby that’s brain-dead [sniffs, cries]. But I realize before I went on the air I can’t cover that because I’ll start cyring, because of the humanity that’s gone from us, but these dogs have this love, this commitment, that’s everything in the universe! And these sociopaths and psychopaths think a dog loving a brain-dead child — brain-dead from a storke — they think it’s weakness in the dog. No, you’re the weak people, you sociopaths and psychopaths. You’re the people that never scaled the heights of love and honor, that never had dreams. You don’t care about people, you fools, and you prance around and claim that you care about other people, when you hate them and want to dominate them and see them hurt because it makes you feel bigger.

I don’t need to pray against Glenn Beck or even cursing. You curse yourself. I know you must have had a horrible childhood, you claim you did, but it’s all lies — suicide, parents, all this darkness, but problem is real. You’re a creation of this planet, and you’re just more pathetic, scared wreckage. And in your own delusion you really think, when you’re in that fantasy land, that you are a soldier of Christ. Your delusion is so great. But that’s only a garment you put on. In your heart, you know who you are, when the lights go off. And I see you, Glenn Beck and Ted Cruz. And I’m ashamed that my gut told me Ted Cruz was an evil robot, but I still just hoped and dreamed, and was lied to.

But I’m done ranting about you.” [Here, Jones goes to other news of the day]

-End of Transcription-

On January 22, 2014, The Blaze, which is owned by Glenn Beck, reported that in 2010 Beck had “announced” he has a vision disorder called macular distrophy. The Blaze was responding to a viewer’s question about Beck’s bizarre eyes in a recent appearance on Fox News.

Glenn Beck on Fox News, January 2014

Glenn Beck on Fox News, January 2014

The viewer wrote The Blaze: “I felt like I was watching a horror movie and at any minute Glenn was going to start howling at the moon.”

The Blaze explains that “It appears it was just a glitch with the Fox News online video player,” and that although “The effect happened four different times during the clip,” viewers who saw the segment live on TV or on another web player didn’t see the same issue.

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