Quick quiz on what your handwriting says about you

Zimbio has a quick, 13-question test on what your handwriting says about your personality.

I was skeptical that, instead of an actual graphologist analyzing a sample of my handwriting, my answers to questions about my handwriting could reveal my personality.

But I was surprised by the result, which I believe to be a fairly accurate assessment:

Your handwriting reveals that you are practical. When it comes to tackling all of life’s problems, your approach is always ruled by logic. If something doesn’t make sense, you’ve got the brainpower and  quick instincts to come up with the best solution. Since so many people rely on you for advice, it’s important to always be on your A-game. Work-out, eat almonds, and get plenty of sleep. We’re counting on you!

To take the quiz, click here.

How about you? Does the quiz accurately describe your personality?


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Dr. Eowyn, thanks for the quizzes, they break up the routine. My response is that I’m PRACTICAL, it’s true!


Practical here, too.


We must all be “AI” here, like Zuckerberg, only better.


I got the same one as you. I don’t disagree.

Steven Broiles

The quiz thinks I’m the Mad Killer! Stop me before I write again!

I took the quiz but it wouldn’t give me the results. But as I have up script as a teacher, I print everything except my signature.

Jackie Puppet

Practical, but I don’t think the test is a good indication of the kind of person I am. The first time I took it, I was Outgoing; which I am, to a point, but I don’t see myself as the life of the party type of person, either. I consider myself a private person, if anything. And my handwriting is usually a combination of printing & cursive – some 2 or 3-letter combinations for me are written quicker in cursive, others, print; it developed during my college days, when I learned how to take really good notes & write rapidly.… Read more »